Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 Interview: Fractured Mode, Sixth Archstone, And More

Daniel Tack - "We chat with Demon's Souls creative director Gavin Moore for details about the upcoming remake on PlayStation 5."

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potatoseal24d ago

Copied this from one of the youtube comments. Might help people go to something they want to find out a bit faster.

- 1:03 From Software has not been involved within the production of the game, staying true to the original vision
- 1:39 The core gameplay, logic and AI remains unchanged, player speed remains the same with only animations changes
- 4:01 Camera can be changed in options between the old, classic Souls-like camera or the new cinematic camera show in trailers
- 4:10 No difficulty options
- 4:55 Option between native 4k (30 FPS) or dynamic 4K (60FPS), although the game maybe slightly easier in dynamic 4K due to the higher frames
- 6:35 Synchronised multiplayer, you can have up to two allies against three invaders
- 6:52 World Tendency remains unchanged, new UI allows the player to easily discern their world tendency. (If online, world tendency is affected by the metadata of all players that are online).
- 7:45 Old Monk remains unchaged
- 8:16 There is no loading times thanks to the PS5's SSD
- 9:24 Friendly NPCs you have attacked will now calm down after a certain period of time
- 10:00 There are no plans to add the Sixth Archstone World
- 10:29 Fractured Mode - Fractured World, the world is mirrored
- 11:17 New Game Plus exists, gallery/concept art unlocks, in-depth photo mode added (built upon Shadow of Colossus system), you are taken out of photo mode during invasion
- 16:16 Magic doesn't seem to have changed
- 19:38 Grass system remains within the game
- 20:15 Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Trigger are integrated within Demon's Souls, said to enhance gameplay
- 23:55 Character creator has been improved, thousands of new permutations have been added

-Foxtrot24d ago

No new Archstone unfortunately, he says he didn't feel it was their right to do a new world however fractured mode is basically a hardcore mirror mode apparently that you can select, even something you'll want to face while going into New Game +

PS-Gamer-198624d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Oh god i still don't know if i should get that game on launch or not. I never played Demon's Souls, never finished darksouls 2 and 3, but i was absolutely addicted to bloodborne which i even did 100% trophies for the main game and the old hunters addon and like 9 ng+ runs back to back

Now i i'm undecided to buy this. On one side i feel like i don't want a launch game i have to put in actual work to complete or that even might be too hard so i will never beat it, on the other side i miss that feel of accomplishment when beating bosses after i failed many times.

potatoseal24d ago

There will be no load times after you die. That will be a massive boon to people that are struggling in the game. But it's up to you. If you're not sure, then just wait a bit. The game will always be available.

PS-Gamer-198624d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Yeah maybe i will wait a bit and go with spiderman ultimate at first, since i didn't play the first one on ps4.

ssj2724d ago

I loved demon souls and bloodborne. Dark souls 1 is similar but the environment enemy boss fights are more original dark souls was like a b movie copie a good one but not on the same level

RabbitFly24d ago

Its hard to tell which soulsborne People will enjoy the most.

I think dark souls 1 is the game that is closest to demon's souls but I also think dark souls was a step up.

Some people really love the original, but generally speaking it seems most People enjoy dark souls more. I honestly would probably consider finishing what you have before picking this up. At the very least Dark Souls 3, which i personally think is the best in the series and on par with bloodborne.

Just for reference my ranking of the soulsborne games (I have not played Sekiro)
1. Bloodborne/Dark Souls 3
2. Dark Souls 1
3. Demon's Souls
4. Dark Souls 2

Now that is Just my opinion and I am not really a die hard fan of the series. I enjoy the games, but they feel like work to me as well. I think Demons souls is the worst plat of them all. Hopefully the improved drop rates can help mitigate this, but world tendency also brings with it a lot of issues. Honestly I was hoping they would change that aspect, but I also understand why they wanted to stay true to the original.

24d ago
RabbitFly23d ago

I also played demon's Souls first. There are just many aspects of what made the genre/series great that I think was missing from Demon's Souls. Already at release it had aspects that felt dated. Most important to me is how Dark Souls 1 did a lot more with level design and interconnectivity.

I also love bloodborne the most, but a lot of that has to do with theme and style. Oh and the combat. However bloodborne has arguably the weakest boss design of all the soulsborne. They are all great until they get repetitive.

Anyways I hope this remake lives up to everyones hype level. I Will probably play it too, but I would have preffered to see bloodborne 2 over this.

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Babadook724d ago (Edited 24d ago )

This is the first game I will play (and hopefully beat 🤞) when I get my ps5.

24d ago
XxGamer440xx24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Can you imagine if sony bought bluepoint to remake all ps2 classics like dmc1 or even the original gow or go farther back and remake legend of dragoon?

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