Activision Blizzard Reports $1.95 Billion In Revenue For Q3, Will Hire 2,000 New Staff

ESTNN writes: "In an earnings call today, Activision Blizzard reported that Call of Duty had outperformed last year’s game. The company saw an increase in revenue by 38% year-on-year for this quarter.

Bobby Kotick said the company needs to now hire more than 2,000 people to meet its production demands. This is despite Activision Blizzard closing its Versailles Studio just a year after 800 staff were laid off from its global operations. Though most of those roles were non-developer roles, it will be little comfort to those that lost their jobs."

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DaniMacYo81d ago

For how long before they all get laid off too.

Seraphim81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

that was my thought. Hire 2,000 new staff only to terminate 4,000 jobs in a year or two. brilliant.

porkChop81d ago

You wouldn't need to hire 2,000 people if you hadn't laid off all those employees to begin with.

lodossrage81d ago

Don't be fooled with the "hiring new staff" thing here.

Those new hires will more than likely get less pay than the tenured people they let go did. A lot of shady companies pull this tactic. Rather than reward the long standing employees their raises and incentives, they fire them and then hire new people that potentially start at the bottom of the pay grade.

So yeah Activision is still ever so slimy

Cikatriz_ESP81d ago

Exactly. Meanwhile, Bobby Kotick’s salary has gone through the roof and into orbit.

Cikatriz_ESP81d ago

Top talent—the ones worth hiring—will steer clear because they know being employed at Activision Blizzard means being in constant fear of losing your job.

rlow180d ago

@Cikatriz_ESP......I agree with, they will get a bunch of entry level people and the results will speak for themselves. The true vets will steer clear....unless the money is right.... freelancer possibly.