Activision Announces Better-Than-Expected Q3 Financial Results; Raises Full-Year Outlook

Activision announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2020, related to the period between July 1 and September 30.

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Christopher32d ago

Just in time to get rid of 200+ developers in Paris!

phoenixwing32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

They only need a few devs for microtransactions who wants new games when they can recycle their main franchises. If anything becomes stale they can buy up a promising dev and milk them dry then close down their studio.

Epicor31d ago

We can diss Activision/Blizzard all we want but: Overwatch having 10 million monthly active users still after over 4 years of launch and after 12months of complete content hiatus is absolutely huge! I had no idea this game was still this popular. Imagine if OW2 P2P side goes free-to-play. It would be a massive success no doubt.

SpadeX31d ago

Pretty much most Activision/Blizzard multiplayer focused games are active anyway, OW isn't the only one. WoW and lots of CoD games have an active community running still.

Kaii31d ago

Overwatch having 10m active monthly users Is insane, but I'd have to question "active" Do they log daily/weekly?
Is Tommy only playing on the 15th once a month to be considered active?
They've also put fairy? transmog set onto the storefront from what I can tell, I can't remember If it was 3.1 or 3.2 but they had the star steed 11 yrs ago, they've made some progress. -_-

Epicor31d ago

They didn't define "active" but most likely it goes exactly as you wrote (that's how most companies define this). So yes it's not a prefect way to measure things but at least it's something and gives an indication. Blizzard does these frequent challenges in OW that they provide new cosmetics for free if a player wins 9 matches. I'm sure a lot of people only log in to complete these challenges. But even that means that these people still care about OW cosmetics after over 4 years so that alone is a positive signal.