This Is What The PSVR Camera Adaptor For PS5 Looks Like

As of today, people in Japan can pick up the new PSVR camera adaptor for PS5. Sure enough, the first picture of the kit was just posted online.

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Neonridr880d ago

I'm kinda happy. No offense to the "HD Camera" but I have no clue how that thing would look/sit on top of my TV like the PS4 camera does.

StoneyYoshi879d ago

Well its definitely smaller so thats one benefit. If its on top of your tv then you'll have a white strip that sits over the top of the camera. I don't think it's going to stand out in a bad way like you are insinuating. But everyones setup is different.

Neonridr879d ago

yeah I actually just received my camera in the mail today (Sony and releasing their accessories early to torture us, lol). I had a look to see how it worked and I see what you mean. I think the white strip would have just stood out a little more over the darker color of the PS4 camera (even though mine is the 500 million camera so it's sort of a deep blue color). I figure though no sense in keeping the HD Camera, so I will return it and I filled out that form for the PS5 camera adapter instead.

879d ago
boing1879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

It's weird that new camera doesn't work with PSVR. Not sure what Sony is cooking for PSVR2 then.

MoonConquistador879d ago

It is odd. After delivering a system that will play the games and even offer a performance boost on them, it's kinda strange that they couldn't get the new camera compatible with the old device.

On the flip side, the adaptors free. It'll save me money on getting the new camera until the PSVR 2 comes out.

I don't know what they're cooking either, but I'm sure it will be tasty lol

S2Killinit879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I think they did it this way so you dont think that they intended to charge you extra for a PSVR you had already bought.

Thus, the free adapter.

Neonridr879d ago

inside out more than likely. The headset will have built in cameras.

Bathyj879d ago

I don't care what is looks like. I care about how do I get the site to not give me a oops something went wrong message.

gameforall879d ago

Had the same problem, was told to use my regional link (EU).
It didn't work for a few trys, then it finally went through.

Iltapalanyymi879d ago

i have not been so lucky, i've legit tried at least 500 times but it just wont go through, even called sony support and they just told me to wait for 48 hours and try again.

Profchaos879d ago

I just left mine a day came back to it and it worked

Ron_Danger879d ago

Just keep refreshing. I went on reddit for that advice. It sounds stupid but that’s how I got it to work. The first few times it wouldn’t let me select United States. Then it sent me to the EU PlayStation store. After the 5th refresh everything went smooth. I’m assuming their site got slammed with requests.

Rockstar879d ago

Yup. Keep trying, eventually it will work. Just go mine ordered last night after trying for roughly 2 days.

jznrpg879d ago

Delete cookies and clear cache . Try a few times . Apple browsers work the least . I used my PC and it worked

EverydayJoe878d ago

I just completed the request. They must have ironed out the wrinkles because it was super fast error free form for me. Or maybe I just got lucky.

Bathyj878d ago

Thanks guys. Tried the cookies. Still not working.

Bathyj877d ago

Woohoo. Finally worked.

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Shikoku879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I couldn't request mine wouldn't let me change my region to the US. Sony support told me to contact the local retailer in my owners manual for assistance. Like wtf? I bought the launch PsVr I don't have an owners manual anymore and the support/chat person couldn't tell who the retailers were so now I'm waiting for an email with a solution 🙄

Lastly jesus christ man the ads are getting out of control again like there is a drop box one right now covering 40-50% of the damn screen and I have to scroll to see the comment box.

Ron_Danger879d ago

Just keep refreshing. It’ll work after a few tries. I was told to contact Sony support so I looked it up on reddit and the advice is to refresh. It worked for me after 5 tries.

Shikoku879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

You didn't read what I said. I couldn't chose the proper region not that I couldn't request it at all I couldn't request it because I could not chose the proper region, it's been fixed now they have the correct one, that Yoshida tweeted out.

Sidenote love the one down vote I got because I could request my adapter because Sony was screwing up.

Ron_Danger879d ago

I understood what you said. I couldn’t choose my region at first either. I’m in the US and I could only choose European countries at first. It even redirected me to the European store to sign in.

Einhander1971879d ago

Question i want to know do we still need the breakout box?

giveyerheadawobble879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Yes, unfortunately.They've already removed the need for the 3d audio by having it built into the PS5. All that would leave is the picture warping conversion, so you'd think another adaptor of sorts would remove the need for it and fix that. They also have no plans, as of yet, to have all your backlog of PSVR games have some sort of hardware accelerated boost in maxing out the resolution and SS that the PS5 would offer. I'm bitterly disappointed with Sony about that. I was hoping the thing would give a free boost to the games that needed it, where they need it the most. I'm glad I held off pre ordering the thing now. VR is my main source of interest in the console, and if some games are still going to look as blurry as the base PS4, then they can keep it until they sort it out and officially announce they are working on a successor.

StoneyYoshi879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

They have hardly given out any information on PSVR being used on PS5. PSVR games are using dynamic resolutions to keep the higher frame rates so they could natively run at a maxed PSVR resolution to help avoid that blurriness you are talking about. Also to be fair... I don't think the blurriness you speak of will be fully fixed since thats more of a limitation with the display technology in the headset rather than what the system is actually capable of. I have a friend who uses his PSVR on his PC with some modifications and there is still a blurriness that I was seeing just like on PS4 even though he had the games graphics and resolution settings maxed out considering the max resolution the PSVR display supports is 1080x960 which if you aren't aware is sub full HD. pretty much on par with 720p in regards to picture clarity.

airshiraz879d ago

a cool guy named palmer lucky made modern vr and another great guy must make it mainstream .

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