What makes a good RPG?

Marshall, from Ready Player Gone, writes: "I wanted to take a look at what makes a good RPG? To see if I can unravel the reasons why we love to put days worth of game-time into them."

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Knightofelemia34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Everybodies tastes will be different and whether they like western rpgs or jrpgs and what makes a great rpg. To me its relate able great characters that mesh together, a great story that just keeps you coming back for more, great music that help convey the story and the mood of the game and characters and a great story that is longer then 30 hrs. I don't play a hole lot of western rpgs I tried a few here and there I tend to dip into jrpgs unless it's Mass Effect that is one western rpg I like. I am a little disappointed Tales of Arise was pushed back love the Tales series but if Namco uses that extra time to really make the game shine then it is worth the wait.

Saviior9534d ago

I get what you mean. I personally enjoy both Western and JRPGs, but the last Tales of game that really did it for me had to be Tales of Vesperia.

Mr Pumblechook34d ago

I think what makes a good WRPG is a lively tavern with boisterous wenches and music being played on a lute as it really helps set the scene.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen34d ago

Leveling up, story progression, strategy based combat, and loot. So many RPGs have abandoned these basics mechanics in favor of "reaching larger audiences."

Just look at some of these RPGs from this gen and take note of what they have in common:
Persona 5
Diablo 3
Divinity Original Sin

HarshMarshx34d ago

True, but you can’t please everyone no matter what you implement I guess.

I should have added loot and a good levelling system to the article you’re right, not sure how they passed my mind. If it was any longer though you’d probably get more bored than you already were reading it so 😅

zacfoldor34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Bingo, you've listed some of my favorite games. Especially Persona 5 and DOS2. Ironically, though I rate it a bit lower, I probably spent more time with D3 than the other 2 combined. Just building out the sets and always getting significant power jumps, everytime you play, until you are a hundred hours in, is just thrilling. Great, great gameplay loop in Diablo 3.

Nioh 2 also has a VERY intricate underlying JRPG type series of sub systems that I was very impressed by. On Switch, all of the Xenoblade games are pretty awesome, imo, and of course Y's VIII, DQXI, and Trails of Cold Steel are also very good JRPGs.

Other games like Octopath, Berseria also have these types of intricate systems along with good characters and writing.

Witcher 3
Dark Souls 3

These were all great, but they kinda went down a different path. They are RPGs but the systems seem to be on the lite side. Of course, Bloodborne is my absolute favorite game of this gen and Blood and Wine is in my top 10, so that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just different than the traditional formula that I find so gripping. They found their strength in gameplay(Bloodborne only), atmosphere, and character development(Witcher 3 only).

A game that I thought had a surprisingly deep rpg system beneath it for what it was, is Borderlands 3. After playing WoW classic, the skill trees in Borderlands 3 feel identical, and that's a good thing because Vanilla WoW had good RPG systems and skill trees.

I believe they(Blizzard) moved away from these cooler "skill tree" type mechanics because they don't like "cookie cutter" rpg builds. I think cookie cutter builds and meta for minor choices can really up engagement, and so I actually like Classic a lot more than retail in regard to the actual systems.

isarai33d ago

I fucking LOVE the Ys series dude! They caught lightning in a bottle with that combat and game feel. Never have i enjoyed a combat system so much, played Memories of Celceta for over 100hrs, got 100% and immediately started lacrimosa of Dana for another 100-ish hours and never got bored

boyyzackk33d ago

Dosent always work but, having new abilities and armour ext throughout thewhole game instead of maxing out halfway through is a huge deal. Need stuff to work for/towards. Also, a decently obtainable tropie/achievment list.

HarshMarshx33d ago

Yeah makes sense, the only downside to this is that you often can only play with your maxed out character for a few hours as it’s at the end of the game. You spend so much time with bad abilities and then very little with the better ones, unless there’s a new game plus of course

isarai33d ago

Everyone's different, but to me it's depth and options. There should be a wide range of flexible play styles to chose from, and a lot of depth to really accommodate those playstyles. Honestly the ones that come to mind that did that really well was Oblivion and Dragon's Dogma. So much variety in how you decide to play, and no matter which decision you chose, you could master it showing great improvement in doing so.

ZeroBlue233d ago

A great story and an immersive world you can get lost in. Also good combat.