PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan on making PS5 more successful than PS4

CEO Jim Ryan says that Sony Interactive Entertainment will make the PS5 a more successful launch than the PS4.

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cell98926d ago

I get what he’s saying but cmon you want a bigger success story than with the PS4? Now you’re asking for a bit too much. Sometimes the more you try to grasp with your hand the less you can catch, then if you just keep a strong grip on what you already have.

UltimateRacer26d ago

Well PS5 preorders have sold more in its initial batch then the PS4 did in its first 12 weeks so judging from that and the fact Sony are pushing exclusive games straight from the off I think the PS5 will no doubt be more successful then PS4.

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jukins26d ago

Stop trying to downplay it chris12...its simply incredible that ps5 preorders did more in q2 hours than THREE ENTIRE MONTHS of pre ordering. The demand is way higher simple facts

Army_of_Darkness26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


Nothing wrong with being ambitious and reaching for the stars bro!
Anything is possible and I feel the ps5 can definitely succeed over the ps4.

cell98926d ago

I still don’t think it will. It will match the PS4 success (which is amazing) but I really don’t think it will surpass it. Last gen, Xbox launched with an abysmal negative PR disaster. This time, they’re more focused, they have a larger studio catalog, and they’re really enforcing gamespass. I don’t feel it will be as one sided as ps4/xbone. So it’s good to be optimistic but keep the expectations a reality. Jim Ryan is optimistic and that’s great, but he’s among for the PS5 to sell 100 million faster than Ps4. The Switch is still a thing, and in a year or 2 the next Nintendo comes out, and like I said Xbox now has more first party studios, no Kinect BS, no always online BS, and they cost the same.

_SilverHawk_25d ago

Playstation has some of the best gaming studios in the world. Playstation is the future and the future is Playstation

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phoenixwing26d ago

cell the reason it will surpass it is that covid has created a situation where more people are simply staying home and playing video games than ever before

cell98926d ago

That’s a good factor, but I don’t see that being a factor for the console’s cycle. The one console that enjoyed that boost was the switch. I don’t see the PS5 selling 110-120 million units, but I see it reaching 100 million, let’s come back to this in 7 years haha

Aussiesummer25d ago

Thats human greed and mega corporations for you.

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Imalwaysright26d ago

With everything that is going on I would be surprised if Sony managed to have more PS5 units than PS4 units for their respective launch.

jukins26d ago

Didn't they already say several times they would?

Imalwaysright26d ago

If they did, then I guess I missed it.

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Aussieguy26d ago

Make it fully backwards compatible with ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 and it will be the most successful playstation console ever. Make emulators for all these so the games run at 4k and sell the old games on the playstation store and you will clean up and all the playstation fans will be happy that can play all the classics all on 1 machine with hd graphics.

Do this and keep pumping out quality first party games and people will be talking about the ps5 with generations to come.

Battlestar2326d ago

Sorry but when gamers buy a PS5 it's for PS5 games not old titles.

Ratchet7526d ago

I have my og PS3 60g always plugged on my TV so I can play my ps1, ps2 and ps3 games anytime I want, so I am always covered but I truly agree that Sony should do more with all these games.
Imagine if you could download every ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4, psp and psvita games through psnow.
Would you say no to that?

vallencer26d ago

I'm a gamer and wish it had complete bc. Thanks for speaking for me though I guess. Like what's wrong with having the ability to just play the whole entire collection of playstation games? If it had the entire collection available to play it would be one of the best consoles period.

Aussieguy25d ago

So you dont have any playstation classics you would love to play again in hd graphics from the past ?

The PS1 and PS2 had some of the best games from its time and im sure many would love to play some older games again from their childhood with better graphics on their ps5 inbeteen releases of AAA games.

I remember buying a Wii for the first time and they had this virtual store (where you could buy old nes, snes games online) and i bought a few of these and Im sure Sony would make a fortune too with people wanting to play some of their favs again in 4k

MrNinosan26d ago

It’s not the Playstation fans that asks for backwards compatibility, it’s the non Ps-fans that seem to want that.

Imalwaysright26d ago

And who exactly appointed you as the official spokesperson for Playstation fans?

instantstupor26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'm a PlayStation fan, and I want backwards compatibility. I mean, it was in the PS2 and PS3, the Vita played digital PS1 and PSP games. If no one wanted it, Sony would never have included it. I'm not saying it is a make or break feature, as games specifically for the system I'm buying are going to come first of course, but it would certainly be nice.

I've still got my old consoles either hooked up or close by, and all my old games are on a rack in my closet for ease of access. If I could unplug my PS3, and not have to deal with awful composite input on my TV for going back to PS1/2 titles, that'd be awesome! I would still buy a PS5 over an XSX, but the fact the latter will have games from its entire console library, upscale some of those & add auto-HDR is laudable. I truly wish the PS5 had something similar.

Imalwaysright26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

PS1, PS2 and PS3 have stellar libraries and it would be great if we could play their games on the PS5.

onemanwolfp4kv225d ago

go read the article about xbox testing the series x for over 500,000 hours of backwards compatibility. while its nice to think about I buy a new console to play new games just like what @Battlestar23 said. PS5 will probably break that record anyway. this is coming from a guy that has been on xbox since the original, bout a ps4 for spidey, and is trying get my hands on a ps5. I do have the x preordered.

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