Demon’s Souls Gets New Screenshots Showing Enemies, Comparison With PS3

Sony has released a set of new screenshots on the official Demon's Souls page revealing some new enemies and the environment from the remake.

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NEXUS-625d ago

Love the Mind Flayers in Tower Of Latria - in fact all the designs are looking amazing.

DragonWarrior1925d ago

God I miss the HUD. I really don't understand why they aren't showing gameplay with it. It's all still heavily edited. All the new information they talked about yesterday too. It was all given in an interview where the creative director was on a potato camera, they could have shown off all the new features in a trailer. Why in 2020 would you not? It's such a weird decision. I'm still hyped for the game, was my first PS3 game and is still the best Souls game.

Vanfernal25d ago

They compare Maneater to a regular gargoyle from the original game. Lol wut?