Crytek shuts down unofficial Crysis Remaster in Cryengine 5.6.6

DSOGaming writes: "Back in September 2020, we informed you about an unofficial remaster of the original PC Crysis game in Cryengine 5.6.6. This remaster was promising to introduce a lot of new graphical features, and bring the original game to a brand new version of Cryengine. However, it appears that Crytek has shut down this project."

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Pricey87d ago

Probably for the best. It would likely have embarrassed them.

NEXUS-687d ago

I'd take the word 'likely' out of your comment.

Hungryalpaca87d ago

That seems to be most indispensably people these days. Outdoing multimillion dollar studios left and right.

SinisterKieran87d ago

"no! you're not allowed to make it better then we made it!!"

TheOpenWorlder87d ago

I always wonder why these retards even announce their project until it's finished. Do they not see it time and time again when they announce, it always gets taken down? I call BS on most of these. It's like they know it'll get taken down but it's good publicity for their names until it isn't. Kind of laughable.


Exactly they need to learn to use the dark web with Tor to hide themselves.


Why do these people keep doing this out in the open on the "normal internet" . They are smart to make games but not so smart to hide themselves. Use the dark web with the Tor browser so you will never be bothered. No one will go after you, there is a shit ton of illegal stuff still up there for years you think a dev will really bother ? LMAO yeah ok :D If they all did this we all would have so many fan made remasters and remakes for years.