EA to appeal Dutch FIFA loot boxes ruling following €5m fine

EA has said it will appeal a ruling from Dutch authorities over loot boxes in FIFA after it was fined €5m.

In a mid-October ruling, judges at the Court of The Hague authorised the Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA)'s enforcement of the fine, first imposed in 2019, and published today.

EA has three weeks from the date of the order (15th October 2020) to change the way FIFA 19, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 works in the country. So, in effect, it has one week to make a change to its most recent FIFA games. If it refuses to make a change, EA must pay €500,000 per week, up to a maximum penalty of €5m, in fines.

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Zeeb32d ago

These countries made laws then EA just completely ignored those laws. Hopefully the hammer gets dropped on them.

Relientk7732d ago

Yay Netherlands! I'm glad all these countries are going after EA for their greedy gambling loot boxes.

Igngamer32d ago

Dutch authorities recognize loot boxes in FIFA as gambling – if they are not disabled, EA faces a fine

Knightofelemia32d ago

This is like Xmas to me I really hate EA and lootboxes and I want them to lose their appeal on this decision. What would really give me goosebumps is if other countries jump on board with the lootboxes and ban them and teach EA a lesson.