Genshin Impact reaches $245 million as its first-month revenue

Genshin Impact is breaking all the records and recently it reached 245 million dollars in its first-month revenue reaching another milestone

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ABizzel180d ago (Edited 80d ago )

That's over 8 million per day, and the equivalent of selling around 3 million copies of a full-priced $60 retail game (3 million based on profit sharing).

And more and more games will go the freemium model, which for some games it's for the best (the majority of B-tier games), but not all games. Regardless good numbers for Genshin, it's a solid game.

GamingonPhone80d ago

The developers deserve the money for their hard work. :)

Notellin79d ago

Money they won't see. Here come the executive bonuses though!!!!!!

deafdani79d ago

The devs already got paid because they work under a salary. All that profit goes to the executive side, not the devs. At most you can expect the creative leads in the dev team to get some kind of bonus, maybe, but everyone else... nope.

Myst-Vearn79d ago

flood the console market with "freemium" titles and people will get bored, few will keep making money while the rest shut down after a year. just look at the mobile gaming

Vits79d ago

Sure but that will happen with anything when you reach the point of "flooding a market". Another very current example of that is the Indie scene.

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CrimsonWing6979d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Whelp, this is why we can’t get rid of micro transactions.

Thanks, fellow gamers!

esherwood79d ago

I bet the average player spends way more then they would have just buying it outright. Plus the games designed around getting you to spend money instead of fun. Wish people would stop supporting this crap

Myst-Vearn79d ago

MTs are everywhere not just free games
look at FIFA and Assassin's Creed, they make a ton of cash from in-game Microtransactions. I wish it was just DLC and expansions...these are good but spending money just to get items/characters is bullshit especially when you are basically gambling your money away because you are not guaranteed anything

Angyobangyo79d ago

With a 0.6% drop rate. It’s a scam.

dilbig579d ago (Edited 79d ago )

For a full priced game, it probably would of went under the radar. As a free game, it’s in more hands. I haven’t spent a penny on it and played for several dozen hours. If a game is free, they can throw all the micro transactions on it they want. If I had to buy it, that’s where I’d put off by MTs.

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Nerdmaster79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

"Congratulations" for all those who gave them money. Now you can watch more and more games on PC and consoles turn into gacha fests following their success, and know you're part of the problem.

instantstupor79d ago

I'm thinking this might be more of "get while the getting's good" - I know the push on lootboxes being gambling isn't quite as hot a topic after the general insanity of this year, but we just saw EA get nailed for gambling in the Netherlands.

I still think this is ultimately going to get to the point where they have to be changed too drastically to fit within guidelines, or companies will stop doing them so they can avoid the legal battles - assuming the profits, bad press, and shareholder sentiments ultimately drive them to do so.

Might not come to pass, but I am certainly more hopeful given the general scrutiny & lawsuits lootboxes have dealt with in the last year or so.

oof678179d ago

Points to them for finding the right formula to sucker in potential addicts. The marketing with this game was absolutely devious. Many will follow suit.

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