New Demon’s Souls gameplay reveals bosses, locales and more

Descend into Stonefang with several minutes of new PS5 footage.

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BigBosss395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Bro i was just literally thinking about hoping to see a new gameplay of Demon's Souls today and I came across this haha xD

Just finished watching the video in 4K and wow does the game look damn amazing! :O

Sonic-and-Crash395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

this looks beautiful ...having finished og Demon Souls -3 times at least puts me in dilemma to which i buy first this or Rachet and Clank as 1st game on PS5 (having in mind the 80 Euro price tag )

BigBosss395d ago

Ratchet and Clank doesn't come out till late 2020 right?

Sonic-and-Crash395d ago

@BIgboss they say it would be launch-window game

UltraNova395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Something needs to be said about the game's sound design, I mean listen to that audio man...pure bliss!

And that tunnel scene after the spider boss, against the troll workers, made me feel like I was playing in VR!

Bluepoint is on another level...

TheLigX395d ago

Ratchet and Clank doesn't release until 2021

bouzebbal395d ago

Nothing better to kick off a new gen!! Bluepoint went gun blazing on this one.. They clearly are the wizards of remakes

mikeslemonade395d ago

Too bad basically nobody can play this until like spring when the ps5 finally becomes avalible when you walk into a store.

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Jin_Sakai395d ago

Best looking next gen game to date. Lighting is off the charts! Graphics are also beautiful and it’s 60fps.

RpgSama395d ago (Edited 395d ago )


Right because:

Pong 4k 60 > Demon's Souls Dynamic 4k 60


Those are just just numbers, some people are so obsessed about what DF tells them to like that they don't even see the game anymore, just the numbers, I could care less about what resolution my game runs at as long as it looks gorgeous and It plays amazing.

Jin_Sakai395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

“Dynamic 4k 60“

If it looks this good does it matter? The answer is no.

SullysCigar395d ago

I took Bathyj's statement as a positive, not sure why people are pissed?

Looks awesome and with all things considered 4k/60 (native or otherwise) is a pretty impressive achievement, especially given it's a launch title. Personally, I think it's stunning and can't wait to play.

Juvia395d ago

It's sort of like being in an abusive relationship. We are all so used to xbox fans trolling PS5 articles that it becomes instinct to assume the worst when people leave a comment.

Good on you to clear things up. I also saw Bathyj's comment as a positive thing.

RpgSama395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

I agree with both of you, I'm just tired of this whole Resolution thing, I do believe we are in a post resolution age, I could care less about what resolution a game runs, I only care about how it looks to the naked eye, and even then, I'm playing right now Trails of Cold Steel 4, which looks AT BEST like a Ps3 game and I'm enjoying every second of it.

I just dislike the idea that you have to be told what resolution the game runs at for you to enjoy, seems like.

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Rocketisleague395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

As a remaster it looks great. The only issue had been don't fanboys overhyping it as if it has been remade, bosses redone, new enemies and areas etc..It's not..its just demons souls. Graphically enhanced. The way it should be..if New content is to be added from soft should do that not bluepoint.

I really.dont.agree with 80 price tag too..none of the other remasters were full price? Right? How much was the Nathan drake collection? Jak and dax collection? Shadow.of.the c? bigboss. Yoi can call it want you want. Its visuals have been enhanced sound has been enhanced. Does it have new content? Is the combat refined? Is it's a halo style update(graphics and.sound) or is it a resident evil 2 or ff7 remake?

BigBosss395d ago

Delete your N4G account and don't come back..Game is a remake and not a remaster. Google the difference.

Rocketisleague395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

For me, I played bloodborbe and sekiro and got the dark souls remaster. The gameplay of souls was extremely easy and doesn't hold up imo. Best thing for it will be online invasions again.

Demons souls and dark were 2.if my favourite games, at the time.of there release, I even got a ps3 for demons. Nowadays due to demons.theres a huge amount of games that took it's gameplay style.snd enhanced it. Bloodborbe, sekiro, star wars fallen order, god of war!

Juvia395d ago Show
4U2NV395d ago

Wtf are you even talking about?! You sound a bit lost and clueless!

Rocketisleague395d ago

My only negative ps.comments are about demons souls bs

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Eidolon395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Looks great on my old 1080p monitor, gonna watch it on my 4K screen to see how it will look on it when I'm playing.

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Battlestar23395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Looks good but nothing screams next gen hopefully Sony will show a true next gen game soon. Microsoft is ahead with next gen looking games. Come on Sony show us playstation owners the goods. I want to see more of Ratchet and Clank that game screams next gen.

Viking_mo395d ago

You can't be serious? This looks better than every game Microsoft has shown

RaidenBlack395d ago

What does he mean? It looks like Dark Souls Remastered?

xHeavYx395d ago

Don't feed the troll, he's just in pain because his console maker of choice hasn't shown anything on par with games this.

BigBosss395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

What do you mean nothing screams next gen?! Game looks amazing and was the only one out of the games that stood out to look like a true next gen game. Imagine what we see down the line especially with Horizon 2, GOW Ragnarok, etc.

"Microsoft is ahead with next gen looking games" You mean Halo Infinite that got delayed because of how bad it looked?

ClayRules2012395d ago

Yeah, when gameplay drops or just an in game trailer for God of War: Ragnarok, that’ll break the internet Gods lol. And when gameplay for Horizon releases too...I’m sure it’ll amaze in its own right. Can’t wait, bud!

I couldn’t even take @Battlestar22 comment seriously after saying “Microsoft is ahead with the next gen looking games” 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

Honestly tho, you’re so right, after Microsoft’s display of Halo Infinite, we know how they show and allow their studios to display their work and it wasn’t pleasing to the eyes in anyway.

Charlieboy333395d ago

Don't bother....I don't think his eyes work properly. Not enough green in the colour palette

ArthriticPowers395d ago

Personally don't find it that impressive. Solid but I don't see anything beyond that. God of war is a far superior visual showcase IMO. Rachet and Clank is the only next gen looking game so far for mine. But the hardware is there for all console gamers so it's inevitable those awesome looking games will be coming in droves. Going to be an awesome generation.

derek395d ago

Don't mind him, xbox fanatics are professional haters. A miserable lot the whole of them.

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Hedstrom395d ago

Lol, best troll comment this year XD

LordoftheCritics395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Sadly it does look like reshaded Dragons Dogma PC version. The textures and models look last gen.

The game still looks good but you can clearly see all of the last gen assets and models. Look at the walls, wooden areas. The ground also gives it away.

BigBosss395d ago

Just another Xbox fanboy bashing a game that the Series X will never reach and games they will never get. Enjoy the Gamepass.

potatoseal395d ago

No they don't. Last gen assets? That is total BS. You're full of it and you're just jealous. This is a benchmark title for next-gen games and you won't be playing it.

SullysCigar395d ago

Mate, I think you need to recheck the original version. It was impressive for it's day, but you've got those rose-tinted nostalgia glasses on.

The models are not 'last gen' lol Even in the first gameplay we saw, the boss is insanely detailed and the animation is next-level, slashes appearing on his body and his blubber wobbling around, fleshy tendrils waving as he moves - none of this was on the original models.

The game has been REMADE.

zacfoldor395d ago

I think we are looking at different games.

395d ago
395d ago
SmokinAces394d ago

Sadly your comment looks like a fishing expeditions. Next to R&C this is the most next gen looking game we've seen which is rather impressive considering its a remake. Just goes to show what a talented studio like Blue Point Games is capable of.

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potatoseal395d ago

You are a liar.

MS have nothing next gen.

THIS IS THE BENCHMARK OF NEXT GEN and everyone knows it.

You're jealous hahahaha

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Bathyj395d ago

Man you diehards have no credibility at all.

ClayRules2012395d ago

“Come on Sony show us PlayStation owners the goods” ummm, are you really a PlayStation owner?

And Microsoft being ahead with next gen looking games...from which studio, what titles are you referring too? I don’t see any.

It’s not Halo Infinite, I mean we all know how that went. If that’s Microsoft bringing the goods, I don’t want what they’re offering.

TheProblem395d ago

I swear, some of you xfans are indoctrinated!

Father__Merrin395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

It does indeed scream next gen it looks incredible can you point to another game on your platform of choice that beats this? Il wait.....

PS if you have no games doesn't automatically mean playstation 5 owners won't have games. I have a feeling your going to pick the wrong system again and be bitter about it. It's not playstation owners fault that Sony brings the games...

Aussieguy395d ago

Yeah that Halo gameplay Microsoft showed really looks next gen hey 😂

395d ago
Zega395d ago

Despite all the thumbs down, you are right.Might be cross gen i dont know.
The game still looks fun and will pick it up.


"Us Playstation owners".....yeah right!

zacfoldor395d ago

Wait, what? What game has Microsoft shown that looks as good as this graphically, much less better? I've been watching closely, and nothing in the ballpark? I would really like to know.

Charlieboy333395d ago

I can only imagine what it screams to you as you hug your xbox

Binarycode395d ago

Microsoft wouldn't know a Next-gen looking game even if it smacked them in the face.

Microsoft are relying on Gears 5 and Dirt 5. lmao.

Halo Infinite was awful.


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395d ago
jbull395d ago

Can you name a next gen game that looks better? Perhaps Ratchet and Clank? Microsoft had all summer and they blew it, couldn't even show us games running on Series X.

Pughski395d ago

I'm trying to think when xbox last came out with a great exclusive. That's a head scratcher. Considering Sony has released 3 phenomenal exclusives in 2020 so far.

anast395d ago

must have pre-ordered the series s...

NEXUS-6395d ago

Battlestar23 - Congrats mate - thats a massive agree to disagree count, biggest I've seen.

SmokinAces394d ago

Looks amazing. The entire game screams next gen. Sony's been showing us the goods since the very moment they began talking about PS5.

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Viking_mo395d ago

That player is clearly OP for killing the spider boss so quick

System_Call395d ago

I know I will die 20 times before I can kill that spider like that on the video.

SoulWarrior395d ago

This looks SO damn good. Really looks next gen, an example of what you can do with true next gen exclusives.

BigBosss395d ago

I'm crying in tears of joy right now dude :')

Black-Helghast395d ago

im crying in tears of sadness because I cant own a ps5 until god knows when and soulsborne games are my favorite type of games. so I'm literally crying in sadness