Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned Free Update Detailed

Game company Rare has recently shared the details of the latest update Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned.

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Rhythmattic31d ago

2:37 " Thees even a FREE new dancer mode"..
So I wonder what MT's will be available.. Ive never played the games, but never bought anything thats an MT on anytime.. Only DLC, depending on the what and why

TravsVoid31d ago

This games honestly a joke, I regrettably preordered this game for $60 and played it for months up to pirate legend and it was not worth the grind numbing effort. I gave the game another change a couple months ago thinking maybe they had finally added some content since launch but no it still feels bare bones. But maybe if you are into griefying people you will get a kick out of it, it's definitely amazing in that category.