Final Fantasy XVI Full World World Map Revealed

Square Enix has updated the official Final Fantasy XVI website with information on the characters and world. There is now a clean look at the world map.

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Harkins172125d ago

Please take ur time with the game. Story, exploration, music all in one please. Don't want a rushed game like XV with great music. Gameplay looks promising so far.

roadkillers25d ago

I would never call FFXV rushed. The most fan praised FF games were dropping a year or two after the previous

Harkins172124d ago

Entire sections of the game were in fact rushed. They started development over for next gen in 2011/2012. They had little man power working on features not needed in game like Iris moogle doll instead of being able to explore Shivas area. Cut sections from the game. You most certainly can take forever on a game and have parts feel rushed.

AnnaDea25d ago

Before the reveal, the leaker said that this game has been in development for some years already, so the rumored 2021 release is not that far-fetched after all.

Class_Viceroy24d ago

Huh? They took like 7 years between 13 and 15 releases. You can say you didn’t like parts of 15, but using the word rushed is kind of silly. They put a lot of heart and soul and time into each game. Doesn’t always pan out into a total success, but I appreciate the fact they don’t “rush” this series like an Assassin’s Creed for example.

Harkins172124d ago

Doesn't not mean they actively developed a game for that amount of time. XV has less heart and soul for skipping and rushing over important parts of the game. Sure it has nice parts but the overall product is crap compared to others. On top of Tabata straight up lying of said game being 50hrs just for the main story. Comrades was unnecessary, did not need multi-player. What we need was a proper 2nd half of the game.

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notachance25d ago

we got world map already?
doesn't that mean the development is already quite far ahead

DragonWarrior1925d ago

I would guess so, seeing as they already have english localization and that's something they do very far down the line. Plus we got gameplay in the reveal as well. I'm still skeptical on the 2021 release window but that's just me being an old cynical adult. Yoshi-p has a great track record and time management record though.

Spenok24d ago

Yes, not to mention Yoshi-P (one of the producers) has said the exact same thing.

spwittbold25d ago

Literally looks like "Earth," with various parts either stretched or swuished. America....Europe....Africa... Russia....South America.

Spenok24d ago

Eh, I can KIND of see it, but you're stretching the comparison yourself.

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