Todd Howard: "The next generation is about access"

Bethesda Game Studios' director discusses the Microsoft acquisition, cloud gaming, and how Game Pass could boost IP that struggles at retail

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TGGJustin32d ago

Reading some of what Todd says here future games might not be exclusive to Microsoft. They say something about how it would be hard to imagine Elder Scrolls 6 only being on Microsoft platforms and Todd says "it would be hard to imagine." He also talks about how they still plan to run things the way they have been and they want as many people to play their games as possible.

It could just be talk but until I actually hear that these future games won't be on PS5 I won't believe it. PS5 will have a much larger audience than Xbox again this gen you better believe it. I don't see them not putting those games on there. Microsoft could always do other things with them to entice people number one being that you can get them on game pass day 1. Could also bring them to PS5 a year or two later.

Futureshark32d ago

$7.5 billion is a HUGE investment.
I think if the shareholders are expected to see any return on that investment then MS would have to consider PS5 releases also, especially if PS5 hardware sales go to similar levels of PS4 (which if you look at the pre-order numbers then that's not hard to imagine).

Sonyslave332d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Lol ms don't need ps5 to recoup that money smh why yall acting like this trillion dollar company might shut down over 7.5bil.

They were about to buy tik tok for 40bil cash and that nothing.

Darkborn32d ago

@Sonyslave3 but Xbox is a different division. That's why the shareholders for the entire generation were pissed and we kept hearing leaks of them stopping funding on certain things. Just because Microsoft makes money, it doesn't mean they want to keep around something that is slowly dying and just bleeding cash. A quick comparison is when Sony sold off their laptop company. They did it because it was just losing money for years, same as Microsoft before gamepass which might not be making so much money either.

Christopher32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Comparatively, it's not. They spent almost half as much on Minecraft. This should have cost Microsoft a heck of a lot more on merchandising potential alone.

With the IP power of the company and merchandising behind their IP, Microsoft got an amazing deal. Fallout and Elder Scrolls make massive bank on merchandising.

WireMucks32d ago

Who cares what Tod says,.. He is about as reliable as Phil,.. Bunch of BS artists go bough up by a group of BS artists,..

30d ago
Sonyslave332d ago

Todd doesn't have a say lol it phil or ceo at ms that decide the ps5 fate and if you listen to Ms ceo he mention xb ecosystem.

NEXUS-632d ago

The 'fate' of Sony is on Sony's hand, nothing ms or their acquisitions will alter that.

Sonyslave332d ago

It up to Ms if Zenimax games comes to ps5 🙂

anast32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It doesn't matter. . Just about everything they have been connected to has been jank. All things considered, I like Sony's odds in the game business.

Viking_mo32d ago

Tod does have a say. Go read the interview where Phil sat down with Tod before the purchase of the publisher how it happened.

RedDevils31d ago

Whatever I get it on Steam if it worth playing Bethesda games these day, and if turn out to be another fail Fallout, then they should keep it on xbox exclusively.

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Bender650232d ago

"PS5 will have a much larger audience than Xbox again this gen you better believe it"
If you had said 'larger audience on console', I wouldn't have posted, but you didn't. Sony, may well have a greater audience on console, but audience overall? Doubt that. People still haven't grasped the significance of what MS and others are doing.
And I suggest that 'new' Bethesda titles likely won't becoming to PS5. You better believe that.

Mr_cheese32d ago


Your comments are a little niave. Microsoft is a business with many divisions including XBOX and within those divisions, they want to see their profits increase to ensure they are worthwhile persuits.

You are correct that Microsoft own them and that they will already have plans in place be it predetermined contracts or what not that determine which platforms the games will come out on but do jot be fooled. 7.5 Billion is not pocket change, even for Microsoft. It is a huge investment which they will 100% like to see recouped sooner rather than later.

shammgod32d ago

History would indicate never to believe what this dude says. Hes a clown

ziggurcat32d ago

"Reading some of what Todd says here future games might not be exclusive to Microsoft."

When you have Spencer saying that they'll take things on a case by case basis, and then later on saying that he doesn't have to ship to other platforms that they don't support in order to make the deal work for them, that's a pretty solid indicator that there will be exclusive games.

Don't let the PR speak fool you. Expect future Elder Scrolls, and Fallout games to only be on Xbox/PC.

Nacho_Z32d ago

Thing is though...why bother with ambiguous PR speak if they're all going to be exclusive. State clearly that they are, build hype and watch those Xboxes fly off the shelves. He ain't doing that.

ziggurcat32d ago

"Thing is though...why bother with ambiguous PR speak if they're all going to be exclusive"

Because he's stated that the deal isn't done yet, so he legally can't outright say anything one way or the other, but his ambiguity has pretty much pointed to those franchises no longer making any appearances on competing platforms. None of that applies to existing titles already released or any existing deals set in place prior to the acquisition, but I think he's been not-so-subtle about whether future/unannounced iterations would continue to release on those competing platforms going forward.

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DaveZero32d ago

Me being a microsoft xbox Owners even I must admit that you make a purchase like that your going to have to make sure there is a return. You simply wont spend all that money on something not to see the product created for that franchise not reach full audiences and fetch in top whack money.

Making the games available on everything is what Microsoft will want to do, you only have to see there behaviour on how they want players to be able to play everything on anything to know how all this will end up. While some developers would be happy shutting out fan bases to certain games, I do not believe for one second MS wants any part of that. Ms have always said they wanted full delivery to all gamers of everything they have to be accessible by all and I do believe if MS had there way they would make everything accessible to all on every platform. Yes some might argue that they have there own exclusives and yes they do, they have to compete somewhere but I would say they do it at a minimum level, there end goal has always been accessibility. Whether you playing games from the past, present or the future, Microsoft want you to play there products on other platform developers consoles as well and that's fantastic for the gamer.

OptimusDK32d ago

If MS wanted games on gamepass there would be a much cheaper way to do this. That would not require 7.5 bill USD. But the problem is they can not say specificaly before the deal has gone though in 2021. As MS does not rightly own Zenimax at this point.

Smclaren198532d ago

Good point nice to see someone who has done his homework. That is certainly true apparently it can take up to a year maybe more to go through

dcbronco31d ago

And yet Doom Eternal is on Game Pass along with several other Zenimax games.

dcbronco32d ago

Microsoft doesn't need Sony to reach most gamers. Most gamers have a PC. And I'm sure a lot of people saw the AMD presentation yesterday about their GPUs. People are forgetting these consoles have GPUs that will also be in laptops along with up sampling solutions. By 2022, just over a year away we'll have Ryzen 6000 CPUs and RDNA 3 GPUs in laptop APUs. Most people will have a netbook or laptop that can play these games at 1440p. Microsoft will have access to 70-80% of consumers without playstation. Zenimax games will not be on playstation. Plus Game Pass will have 20+ million subscribers. At 15 dollars each that gives Microsoft 300 million a month. That means one month covers the cost of 3 AAA games. The next month covers the cost of 3 AAA games and 6 A/Indie games. That means new content each month completely financed with less than two months revenue. And games take over a year to make. So these games will easily cover the cost of the acquisition by keeping Game Pass growing. At 20 million subscribers between Xbox and PC, which will be easy, Microsoft makes its money to finance everything it wants to do in gaming. That 3.6 billion a year. People that don't see how and why Microsoft will make a huge amount of money on this are just lying to themselves. This is why they will continue to spend billions acquiring new studios. Like Netflix, content on a service like Game Pass matters. And Microsoft will continue to pay for content because what AMD is creating with RDNA and Ryzen gives them access to the vast majority of the market without Sony.

Smclaren198532d ago (Edited 32d ago )

🙄 WOW you want some lemon in your tea . You like it bitter?! Lol

dcbronco31d ago

What's bitter about it. You clowns that like to claim everything is bitter or angry need a new angle. I'm simply pointing out reality. Microsoft doesn't need Sony fanboys to support their games. Halo is one of the most successful franchises in the history of gaming and it was never on playstation. Gears has been extremely successful and has never been on playstation. You guys have an over inflated opinion of your importance to gaming. There are estimated to be over 2.5 billion gamers in the world. Please point out the playstation generation with the 2.5 billion install base. Most gamers are on phones and PC. Game Pass includes both btw.

RedDevils31d ago

He sound scare if Zenimax games are on PS5, like if Sony stole his kidney if it happen lol

dcbronco31d ago

You sound like you won't be playing anymore Zenimax games 😂

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DEEHULK8832d ago

There are many devices to make a return on outside of PS. Millions and millions of PC,Android devices coupled with Xbox is enough. I am so sick of people acting you like have to put games on Playstation. Get a fkn PC if you want to play. I not sure that this generation will play out the same way the last on did, so it not a forgone conclusion that Sony will double install base again. They won't be on Playstation. People are really acting like they have to recoup on this investment asap. The timeline could be over a 5 or 10 year period and msybe there is no timeline for a company worth one trillion. Sick of this fnk question. If it's not on what you have, get what you need to play it.

Bathyj32d ago

"Game Pass could boost IP that struggles at retail"

While that's great for smaller titles that need exposure, the reality is it acts as an excuse for mediocrity. Let's not forget if it wasn't for the backlash you'd be playing the extremely underwhelming Halo infinite in 2 weeks and it would be ok because well it's on gamepass.

I don't know how many times I've heard people say a game looks average but they'll get it on gamepass.

dcbronco32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Nonsense. A service like Game Pass means you have a guaranteed budget and you have time. You don't have to rush a AAA title because there are 23 studios looking to be the main game that month. Eventually there will be 30 studios looking to be the featured game in a given month. Which means you can take your time and get things right. You know Zenimax has 5 AAA titles to release, There's a Halo game coming and a Forza game and a Gears game and a Ori and State of Decay. There's no rush. Take your time, get everything right. Game Pass changes the schedule. You're no longer competing with everyone else to get to market. You've got teammates to go if you're not ready. And your budget is secured so that's no longer an issue.

chronoforce32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It might be good for bigger games too lest we forget games like Dishonoured 2 and Prey 2 under performed at retail.

The backlash Halo received is pretty conclusive proof that bigger games regardless off whether they are on Game Pass need to deliver. A big AAA game like Halo being mid was never going to be acceptable under any circumstance but smaller games may get a pass because they on Game Pass but sometimes even they don't.

32d ago
solideagle32d ago

Bathesda needs better engine, their games are too buggy. Maybe we are spoiled by witcher 3,

Rainbowcookie32d ago

Though that is true , i kinda found some of the glitches in fallout 4 and skyrim too be super funny.

badz14932d ago

they are not bugs, they are features!

30d ago
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