Introducing the world and characters of Final Fantasy XVI

How Mothercrystals, Dominants, and Eikons fit into the world of Valisthea.

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TGGJustin33d ago

That is some gorgeous key art. I'm liking everything I'm reading about it too. Really hope this makes it out next year.

33d ago
bouzebbal33d ago

New FF is always an event!! This one seems to follow the design of ff12, a more mature installment.

instantstupor32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'm hopeful the tone & storytelling is similar. XII is my favorite, and part of that was how the story was actually pretty straightforward...for a FF game. No melodramatics for random side characters, no learning 100 new glossary terms to understand before the word soup makes sense (aka Kingdom Hearts Syndrome), clear motivations...I liked that the characters were in service to the overarching story, not the other way around.

I would love for them to go back in that direction. XV was a fun game, but I didn't care a whit about the story or characters. I do like what I've seen so far, so I'll be keeping an eye on XVI for sure.

gamer780433d ago

Personally I don’t like the setting or designs but that’s just preference. I’d be shocked if it makes a 2021 release with all the delays going on.

Pughski33d ago

I'm so hyped for this entry. Just everything about it I'm loving.

SullysCigar33d ago

This is Shaping up nicely. Keep the info coming, please!

Tiqila33d ago

Looks like 15 all over again... pass.

Kaedro33d ago

~Every party needs a pooper and that is why they invited you.~ Party pooper.~ Party pooper.~

Kaedro32d ago

@UnSelf Haha glad to see someone who understood that reference XD

ShadowWolf71232d ago literally doesn't but ok.

Deathdeliverer33d ago

This being exclusive was absolutely colossal. I’m STILL shocked. How do you get a mainline Final Fantasy exclusive in this day and age? Sony must have heard about the Zenimax deal before we did and needed to secure a huge RPG. Or maybe IF (cause I really don’t know) Sony still owns a portion of Square they went ahead and called in some favors or flexed whatever major share holder rights they have. Whatever the case, I’ll be on this minute one.

phoenixwing33d ago

hopefully for me it still comes out on pc

_misterzay33d ago

Sony and Square Enix are pretty close friends. Similar to how Microsoft and Bethesda was close friends before that deal. Plus Final Fantasy traditionally does better on PlayStation than Xbox. It wouldn't take much work for Sony lock down marketing rights and exclusivity over Final Fantasy when you like at the last few that sold poorly on Xbox (FF XIII-2, Lightning Returns, FF XV, Type-0)

LegoIsAwesome33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

You do realize it is CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE meaning it will come to PC right?

Edit: And XSX

Sunny_D32d ago

console exclusive means it can come on PC but no other consoles. Did you mean timed console exclusive? Did they confirm what it was exactly?

Mulando33d ago

It is a one year console-exclusive. Nothing more.

Deathdeliverer33d ago

One year is a LONG time. Not the Yakuza couple months that we usually get with deals like that. This is a whole YEAR. By then anyone that wanted it would have had it AND it’s a mainline Final Fantasy. This isn’t some extra missions call of duty style.

ShadowWolf71232d ago

Do you have a source on that besides one analyst's assumption?

CrimsonWing6932d ago

whoa nelly, sir.

It's console exclusive and even then I'm pretty sure it'll pull an FF7 Remake and be a timed exclusive at that.

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