Hands on with the DualSense Controller | 8-Bit Island

Bronwyn got to go test the PS5 out, but found herself more enamored with the controller.

Check out her thoughts on the DualSense here.

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CaptainHenry91635d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Just got mines deliver today. It's awesome. The analog sticks has better grip and it's a little wider and heavier but not by too much. BTW it also works on PC and your smart phone with the Bluetooth technology. You can use it to play Xbox games on the phone or PC lol

LucasRuinedChildhood35d ago

Do the analog sticks seem pretty much the same in terms of size (stick height and width)? I have tendonitis in my hands so I've had to replace the DS4 analogue sticks with classic convex PlayStation sticks to be able to play games.

The_Sage35d ago

Lol, Captain. I'm glad you got yours already.

Smitty202035d ago (Edited 35d ago )

are the analog sticks more durable material? the rubber didnt last long on my first controller :(

CaptainHenry91634d ago


It looks like it's the same size but with better grips. It doesn't feel slippery at all. I would have to measure the size to compare it though. Maybe the width is slightly wider but not by too much

It's more durable material and it looks like it will last long. It feels and looks like a quality product.

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