The Best Dreamcast RPGs

The Dreamcast had an especially robust lineup of RPGs, including some of the most iconic and exciting titles that are still revered by fans to this day.

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SegaGamer35d ago

Why is it that whenever I see articles about Dreamcast RPGs, they always include Shenmue 1 & 2? Shenmue isn't an RPG series, it's an action adventure series.

aberdons190335d ago

You could make arguments for both to be honest, it has quite a few strong RPG elements. Even Sega have categorized the rereleases as RPGs as well as Action Adventure on Steam, Playstation store etc.

iplay1up234d ago

Sega should remake Skys of Arcadia!

ApocalypseShadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

All about Skies of Arcadia. Why there's no sequel or remake or remaster is anyone's guess while Sega pumps out tons of Yakuza games like they got guns pointed at their heads from real Yakuza. Even a main line Phantasy Star 5 from the same team that did Skies would have been great too. Nope. Not today's Sega. PS Online is cool and I still have version 2. But that Sega of today is just sitting on gold and don't know what to do with it.

Don't even get me started beyond RPGs on why there's no Virtual Cop or House of the Dead VR by now. Even a Jet Set Radio VR could be done based on how Sprint Vector works in VR. Could be doing virtual graffiti. Even Virtual On would work. Nope. Just sad.

End rant. Love me some Skies.

aftrdark2134d ago

Grandia II was good. I played the PS2 version that had more cutscenes but still...

Relientk7734d ago

Grandia 2 & Skies of Arcadia

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