PSN Wishlist Function Spotted in New App Update

PSN Wishlist function spotted in the new PlayStation App update alongside other notifications. Check out the captured image here.

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P_Bomb32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

There’s that notifications toggle but there’s still no actual wishlist. Could be a leftover they forgot to remove. Like the community events tab on PS4.

ziggurcat32d ago

I can't figure out which way is on/off on those toggles.

P_Bomb32d ago

Right should be on. I can see my messages are toggled right and I always get those. Least I think I do lol!

StoneyYoshi32d ago

Im still waiting on the google play store to update the page for the PS app. It still shows the latest version is 19.15.0 from March of this year.

excaliburps32d ago

Now please add gifting! Can't believe we still can't do that.

ziggurcat32d ago

I also noticed a Sign In on PS5 menu option under Console Management in the settings menu.

Nitrowolf232d ago

yeah like any easy way to do it, maybe app verification two-step of some sort

Stanjara32d ago

OMG...yes! C'mon Sony baby!

CoffeeBlack91032d ago

I've never used an app for PS or any gaming console really, but that might change. Pretty interested to check out this app when I get my PS5!