Astro’s Playroom On PS5 Makes Some Neat References To PlayStation History

A big reason why this free game works so well is that it’s a love letter to the history of PlayStation, with levels full of references to past games, consoles, and peripherals.

SullysCigar940d ago

Lol that one was awesome.

It's a real trip down memory lane though - references to all past PlayStations, controllers (even obscure ones) and tonnes of the iconic games - and just looks stunning and charming. I'm far more excited to play Astro than should be expected for a free game!

S2Killinit940d ago

Well Astrobot on PSVR was by all means the best 3D platformer ive ever played and im a Mario fan. Ao im expecting something special. Just wish this also supported PSVR.

S2Killinit940d ago

Looking forward to enjoying them.