PS5's New DualSense Haptics Are Seriously Impressive

IGN staff say: We've had some hands-on time with the PlayStation 5's controller, the DualSense, and the pack-in demo Astro's Playroom. And we're impressed. Like, really impressed.

ApocalypseShadow941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

And another one
Funny though. Why is the ad at the beginning of the video a commercial for Xbox IGN? Just saying.

If Dual Sense was a new game release, it would be getting 9's and 10/10 based on hands on from those that have experienced it. This is why Sony was secretive. Not out of arrogance. They didn't want to be copied. And why is this not talked about more that Sony's giving a free game as pack in like the old days? Now that's PRO CONSUMER.

Course, with IGN, it would be 9.8 with that average pulled out of a hat. Glad they like it though. Next gen is about experiencing something new.

Rhythmattic941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

I dont think its even a matter of being copied, its a matter of the drip feed so things like this dont go unnoticed....
The embargo on the media showing one level, and allowing FOCUSED information to flow, they've done a pretty outstanding job with their marketing IMO. The Game level is the vehicle to what is possible, so the last thing theyll do is throw in a PS4r game to check BC for posting reviews.... Maybe, just maybe , that'll be next?

Extermin8or3_941d ago

Ps plus collection has that covered already.

JEECE941d ago

I have to say, cautiously optimistic as I was, I was not expecting this much praise for Dualsense. I'm pretty excited to try it out now. Hopefully serious support for its features doesn't fizzle out or become just a first party thing (as sometimes happens with new PlayStation features).


Sony has always been at the forefront on innovation, going all the way back to the Walkman.

Rhythmattic941d ago

And the Pocket Transistor radio for all. Yeh, I'm old.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen941d ago

Ahhhh Sony... The Walkman and PS1 started it all.

Extermin8or3_941d ago

If the feature has a tangible effect on gameplay like this and people using it for quite awhile have been singing its praises going back to developers discussing it a year ago. It will be supported because clearly when you use it, you can really see how it adds to the experience.

NEXUS-6941d ago

Great move by Sony putting effort into making Dualsense unique. I'm guessing once people use it, everything else will feel as though its missing something.

subzero1992941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

Folks should go watch old youtube videos of Playroom on PS4 from 2013. The press were initially amazed at the DS4 speaker and touch pad too. You could shake the controller and hear the cute little robots in it and vacuum them up. They were giddy about it.

RickRoland941d ago

The features here are far more substantial than a speaker.

Nacho_Z941d ago

Yeah I remember at the time thinking I bet those are just gimmicks, not so this time.

Mr_cheese941d ago

The speaker still is a great feature and is used a lot.

GTA used it great with the police feedback. They even paired that up with flashing lights on the controller.

The Last of Us as well! Clickers coming through on that was a perfect partnering.

Now you've still got these feature plus a heap of new ones which are being raved about.

boing1940d ago

Stop. DS is a confirmed game changer. Features you mentioned aren't tactile enough and they still get a use from time to time. Try it and then you can say if it's a gimmick or not. If you 'think' you know how it feels, you don't.

lukejd1088940d ago

You lost me at “confirmed game changer”. Confirmation being that some reviewers like it on a demo for an unreleased console? Good one.

boing1940d ago

I used it too. For me it's a confirmed game changer.

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