I loved the PlayStation 5’s design until I saw it in my house

I got my hands on a PlayStation 5, and man, it is big. And the size makes the PS5's quirky design look less beautiful than I was hoping.

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Hellcat20201127d ago

The ps5 looks great but that hideous web of cables on this dudes wall is the real problem

Dirtnapstor1127d ago

Lol, yes. That looked bad. At the very least, grab some zip ties and consolidate.

poleerollee1126d ago

ill just wait for a ps5 s

4Sh0w1126d ago

Its not the mportant thing but yeah ps5 is huge, doesn't look like premium hardware imho but whatever.

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Muzikguy1127d ago

I have the same cable issues lol

The_Sage1127d ago

They make stick on track to hide cables if you're afraid to or can't run them through your wall. I used it to run speaker wire across my ceiling for my rear channels at my old place. I painted it to match and it looked really good.

FinalFantasyFanatic1127d ago


Just be carefully with that stuff, it'll peel the paint off as well if you ever have to remove them for some reason, but I agree it's a good method for hiding stuff.

There's also a zip up mesh sleeving you can buy for cables:





Atticus_finch1127d ago

I had a better set up when I was in highschool. My room was a mess but my TV stand and PS3 were neatly organised and dust free.

MadLad1126d ago

Here's a cookie.
You managed to keep a TV stand a console relatively clean, going into adulthood.
You're next level, my friend.

demonseye1127d ago

its a she though... also all her articles are pretty shit.

Seraphim1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

XD thank you. only reason I even bothered clicking. yeah, I'd say the least of his concerns should be how the PS5 looks in his house. The more pressing matter is that cable management; or lack thereof. just looks like an entirely bad setup to begin with imho from the stand housing the PS5 and Switch on up.

Anyway my first thought was it's not like we're talking about a tv here. It's a box that goes in your entertainment cabinet or on a stand. There are limits to this but I can care less what the console itself looks like. I think a remedy for this situation would be simple. Just place it horizontal instead of vertical. If necessary on the shelf below. Or, maybe just drill a hole in the wall and put the thing in the other room if it's that ugly to you. At least that would lead to 1 less cable being visible and running up the wall. lol

lelo2play1127d ago

PS5 is a ugly console... but what matters are the games.

drunkenspy0071127d ago

yep, unorganized dirty people deflecting that it's the PS5 that's wrong, it must be!

TheEroica1126d ago

Definitely an ugly console. I'm actually not sure of where to put it in my home. Ultimately it doesn't matter, but yeah not a good look.

NeoGamer2321126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Personally, the real problem here is that this is a story at all...

A console is about games, hardware capabilities, and services/subscriptions... Not how it looks on the shelf.

thorstein1126d ago

It looks even more amazing next to the PSVR and dual sense controllers.

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ArchangelMike1127d ago

Entitled gamer 1st world problems. Put the thing on it's side and your problems are solve.

Dude seriously does need a cable tidy though. Failing that just get some black duct tape and couple your cables together. You need to worry about your cables more than the size of the PS5. 😂

Neonridr1127d ago

in all fairness he did acknowledge the mess.

Not everyone wants to put it on its side though.

NealGamby1127d ago

Not that it matters, but the author is a girl.

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Neonridr1127d ago

@NealGamby - sorry if it was, that was a generalization and I apologize.

RedDevils1127d ago

@billy are you one of those people getting offended, just cause someone say that person gender is base on her/his appearance? You need help if that the case.

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Atticus_finch1127d ago

In my opinion the ps5 is the best looking console ever made.

OptimusDK1127d ago

And the biggest ever - dont forget. Design is one thing size is another.

Design is not to make it look nice it is also about industrial design to make something powerfull as small as possible. We all know that the console look should not be important - as we dont really want to look at it just game. But the WAF (Wife approval factor) is definitely not good with this one based on size alone.

Gunstar751127d ago

Nah. It's a bit garish. I want stuff to blend in to my AV set-up

Maybe an all black version would look better and without the high gloss centre part.

BrettAwesome1126d ago

Er du under tøflen? 😂

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Zhipp1127d ago

Literally every gaming issue is a 1st world problem.

That said, It addition to implementing some basic cable management into her setup, I feel like getting black or purple(for Spiro) plates for her PS5 whenever they launch would go a long way to helping it blend with the rest of her enternainment center. Also Black PS5 looks better on its side than OG imo.

RedDevils1127d ago

She need to watch setup war on youtube. Would definitely help her cable management lol