Jeff Gerstmann on the DualSense Controller “it’s awesome”

Jeff Gerstmann is one of the longest running games journalists out there with around 28 years in the industry. So it is fair to say he might know a thing or two about controllers and in the latest edition of the Giant Bombcast he made his views on the DualSense controller public.

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LoveSpuds91d ago

I was really surprised by Jeff and Brad's excitement and enthusiasm in the GiantBomb quicklook given that they are generally quite jaded and snarky about most things. Really excited to get my hand on PS5 in a few weeks time.

SullysCigar91d ago

Same. I guess that goes to show how God this thing is - literally everyone is pumped that ha had their hands on DualSense!

RosweeSon91d ago

Never doubted moment I heard about this controller I was in. It’s new exciting and can change the way we play I’m all for it. Add in the top quality games they’ve provided all gen I’m sold 😂🙌🏻

The_Sage91d ago

I can't wait to try this out for myself.

neutralgamer199291d ago

Why are we surprised Mark Cerny made huge improvements with the deal shot for and now he's making huge improvements with dual sense controller. He's one of the legendary game developers and overall a well-known person in the gaming industry he knows what he's doing. What's amazing about him is he never officially worked for Sony even though he was working with them for such a long time

ElementX91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I love bombcast and beastcast

LoveSpuds90d ago

Yup, it's a toss up between GiantBomb or Easy Allies for my fave podcast, whilst Jeff and Vinny are funnier, I prefer Easy Allies more upbeat and positive tone.

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