The PS5 DualSense Reportedly Works With The PS3

The PS5 DualSense controller looks to work with the PS3 as a user has posted an image of him using it on the 14-year-old system.

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Majin-vegeta35d ago

Give it time and Brookeconverters will find a way to make the PS button to work just like on DS4

PhoenixUp35d ago

No reason why it shouldn’t. It’s a Bluetooth controller just like the Dualshock 4

RaidenBlack35d ago

I just want Sony to make it official by December, that DualSense is fully back compat with PS4 models.
I have a friend who couldn't get a new DualShock 3 for his PS3 after the existing one broke and wanted to get a brand new Dualshock 4 for the PS3. But DualShock 4 has its set of problems when connecting with a PS3. So he ended up getting an used DS3.

Majin-vegeta35d ago

Ask him to look into Brookeconverters.Its a bit pricey but with legit DS3 being harder&expensive to find nowadays saves you the headaches.Only downside you can't turn on the PS3 with it or Battery level doesnt show

Hawk19866634d ago

It has no problems connecting to PS3 wired or wireless

LightningMonkey34d ago

So this is a weird work around I found out. If you have a computer and you can remote play your PS4 to it. If you connect the Dualsense with a wired connection it'll read and work as a DS4.

It doesn't work on the console itself or wirelessly (at least not yet)

stevej33635d ago

Finally something backward compatible with the ps3.

SullysCigar35d ago

You tried way too hard (and failed).

ZeroBlue235d ago

Enjoy your old games next gen :)

LucasRuinedChildhood34d ago

MGS4 is probably still better than any next gen launch game.

MrNinosan34d ago

MGS4 can be played through PSNow so that will still work great with PS5

jznrpg34d ago

@Lucas as much as I like MGS4 I deinfitely would pick Demons Souls PS5 over it

stevej33633d ago

Why would I only play old games on my pc and ps5? Oh that's right, anything not deemed positive about playstation brings out thr cry baby moron fanboys.

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ZeroBlue235d ago

Would be cool if it was more compatible with Windows, DS4 is hit or miss, and I like the symmetrical thumbsticks better.

ocelot0735d ago

Apparently it works fine on Steam.

ZeroBlue233d ago

Yeah, Steam games are fine, not what I was talking about. I play a lot of classic games, like older Jrpgs that aren't available on steam, many of which seem to work fine with my 360 controller but not my DS4.

ZeroBlue233d ago

Yes, I know it's compatible with steam, and therefore most PC games. I just happen to play a lot of older games and more obscure games that aren't on steam, it doesn't have the same native windows compatibility that the Xbox controller does. Works fine on some, but not on others. I understand it's not a big deal as this is not something that most people have to deal with.

MrNinosan34d ago

Works great with Windows for me.
Either with the USB-dongle or input mapper.

Vits34d ago

The issue is game compatibility. You can more or less force it using the Steam overlay. But native support is dependent of each developer.

That said if you are looking for a simmetrical thumbstick layout. You can't really go wrong with either the Logitech F310 or Logitech F710. Both of them have a switch to change between DirectInput and XInput. So you shouldn't run into compatibility problems. They are also pretty cheap and reliable.

Zeeb34d ago

Huh? I use my DS4 on PC np, I even connect it via Bluetooth.

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