Introducing the new PlayStation App, redesigned to enhance your gaming experiences on PS4 and PS5

Updated PS App includes new UI layout, integrated messages feature, support for voice chat, and more.

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ocelot0784d ago

I was just about to post this lol. Says it's available now but it's still the old one on the Google play store I assume it's rolling out.

Jin_Sakai84d ago

Same here. Not available on the App Store yet. This new app looks much better and more streamlined than the current offering.

-Ghost83d ago

The update is live on iOS now!

darthv7283d ago

It is live now, my phone downloaded it from the play store this morning.

ocelot0783d ago

Still noting for me. I am in the UK so maybe it will go live later today for me.

-Ghost84d ago

Looks good! Glad it's a dark theme.

ocelot0784d ago

New features for PS5 – When PS5 arrives, you’ll be able to remotely launch games, manage storage on your console if you run out of space while downloading a game, and quickly sign in to PS5 straight from the PS App.

Now this is interesting. Manage your ps5 storage from your phone? That's a neat feature expecially when compatible SSD release.

darthv7283d ago

I like that option, I see it is in the xbox app as well. That is really convenient to have.

StarLink83d ago

Same as the Xbox App thats good news.

sourOG84d ago

What was the reasoning behind making messages a separate app?

MajorLazer84d ago

Indeed. There was no reason to have two seperate apps to begin with, though I'm glad they rectified it eventually.

Sunny_D83d ago

It took up to much memory I believe.

EFFIN_Adduce81d ago

yea like messenger on facebook too being separate app. Hate when they do that

Sunny_D83d ago

It took up to much memory I believe

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The story is too old to be commented.