How to get a PSVR adapter for PS5

If you want to use your PSVR on PS5, you'll need a separate camera adapter. Sony has put up a page where you can request the adapter, which the company will be giving for free.

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CR7JUVE189783d ago

And........................... ........I get an error. I try to call, and they say that they cannot take calls at this time, and to call again later.


WireMucks83d ago

Me 2,.. Think it is not really working yet,..

-Ghost83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Should work now. I just tried and I completed the form.

Bennibop83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

There are 2 diffrent links one for Europe and another US & Canada

HICK83d ago

It finally worked for me. I tried it in Incognito mode on Chrome. Not sure if that made any difference. I also used the link that @leemo19 provided below, but that was the same link I had tried multiple times. Seems to just be random.

BLAKHOODe83d ago

I got an error several times, but then it finally went through. Keep trying.

Neonridr83d ago

just keep trying, it'll go through eventually.

jznrpg83d ago

Clear your cache and cookies . Apparently if your using Apple products it’s more likely to get an error . It took me a few tries but it worked after clearing cache and cookies and using my PC

skidmarc83d ago

Keep trying. I was able to get through to the form and submit it. Just keep removing and adding in your serial number. It eventually worked for me.

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darthv7283d ago

This is rather nice of Sony to offer for free. I recall when the One S came out, MS offered a free adapter for those who had a kinect. It makes transitioning your games and accessories much easier when they provide that little bit of help.

NEXUS-683d ago

Is that the peripheral they stopped supporting? Comparing that to the PSVR adaptor is a massive stretch.

darthv7283d ago

Im not comparing the devices, I am comparing the gesture. Both could simply have charged for the ability to use their respected cameras on newer systems... but they did not. That is a pro consumer move on their part.

ArthriticPowers83d ago

@NEXUS-6 Correct its the unsupported peripheral from Microsoft, which shows its an even better gesture from because kinect was a flop and that freebie was never going to directly translate into future $$$ for them. Just chill mate, obviously you missed what the comparison was because you've got your console wars hat pulled over your eyes.

NEXUS-683d ago

Arthritic - so in all honesty what was the point of it? If its no longer supported, no longer part of their plan - whats the point? People that already have an xbox one already have the paper weight.

Who's buying a kinect off the shelf?

Who's buying an xbox one s and hooking a kinext 2.0 up to it?

Neonridr83d ago

providing an adapter for free is definitely comparison worthy. Relax there bud.

traumadisaster83d ago

Do you understand we are consumers on the same team vs companies? You running down MS and being a Sony fan boy is sad. I think you missed the point mixing in the hardware, so if you can handle it, call it widget A and widget B. The fact they were given free parts is better than not receiving free parts. The fact that one widget has a story means nothing to the equation. I buy ps5 and xbox and 4kpc and switch and oculus btw.

NEXUS-683d ago

PSVR is going to be supported on PS5 providing an adapter is the right thing to do.

ms providing and adapter for a peripheral that is no longer supported by them is a shallow gesture.

Just makes the inclusion of Kinect - remember Larry Hryb saying xbox one couldn't run without kinect - all the more embarrassing.

Also remember it was there to gather data to be sold to 3rd parties.

ms is not consumer friendly.

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Nodoze83d ago

No it isn't, it is should be mandated to support peripherals. Frankly I am surprised with the way they are running things of late they are not trying to charge us. Jim Ryan is AWFUL.

NEXUS-683d ago

Sony could've charges - yes - because they're still supporting PSVR. By the time xbox one s came out - ms had dropped support and forced ownership of kinect.

That's why they can't be compared.

darthv7283d ago

They hadn't dropped it yet but regardless... it was still a nice gesture. That is what im saying. Look, if you dont like Xbox that is fine but a pro consumer move is still a good thing no matter who does it.

NEXUS-683d ago

Having it baked in and forcing Kinect on xbox one owners.

Not consumer friendly.

Taking it away from xbox one s and pushing an adapter (albeit free), leading some to think support was still there.

Not consumer friendly.

Then they drop support altogether.

Not consumer friendly.

You can label me however you want.

But what I find funny and ridiculous at the same time is this notion that ms is 'consumer friendly'.

darthv7283d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Nexus, they removed the mandated kinect after much deserved backlash. they could have stuck to their guns but they reversed their decision. That is pro consumer move and it garnered some sales as a result. Their changing the design of the XBO was much needed but as a result they removed the kinect port and offered those with a kinect a free adapter. They could have charged for it (like they did the hard drive transfer cable on the 360) but they did not. That is a pro consumer move as well.

And for the record, i did not label you anything. i said "if you dont like xbox..." that is a statement, not a label. And also for the record MS has been much more consumer friendly as of late so you can hold a grudge against them for being them but most everyone else sees their goodwill and welcomes the changes being made. (Again, a statement, not labeling you)

CrimsonWing6983d ago

didn't they stop supporting the Kinect by the time the S came out?

darthv7283d ago

yes and no. There werent any more titles being made but it is still supported by the newer systems (with the aforementioned adapter). no word on if that same adapter can come forward to the Series S/X but it would be interesting if it did. Rumors of xbox finally getting VR support (via 3rd party deal with oculus or valve) could bring it back to life as it is certainly capable to do the job.

ApocalypseShadow83d ago

Darth, you really didn't need to add Microsoft into the conversation about Sony's adapter. That was the first mistake.

I think other gamer's problem is that they aren't readily able to support your position of being friendly when you spent the whole generation dogging PlayStation but supporting Microsoft's ridiculous moves as consumer friendly. Then supported Microsoft's 180 moves as consumer friendly when it was more saving their own skin.

Maybe they feel Microsoft doesn't need to be placed in the same conversation about Sony's SSD or Sony's 3D sound or Sony's controller and somehow triggers on Xbox being the same thing. Now you want to interject Microsoft into Sony's free adapter.

Maybe that's why they are disagreeing.

darthv7283d ago

Oh i figured they disagree because i mentioned MS but I did so because of the similar gesture. Generally the more examples you show the better the point comes across. Regardless of how people feel about a platform, a good gesture is exactly that.

ApocalypseShadow83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

The good gesture would have been Microsoft using that trillion dollars of worth and proving to gamers that Kinect was the bees knees for gaming after unbundling it from Xbox One. If it couldn't be standard, show why it's an awesome peripheral. Which it is as a motion tracker.

They didn't. Just like they didn't make enough core games with that trillion dollar worth. While Sony did the opposite for a very expensive peripheral.

Gamers called PSVR a gimmick. Sony, and with the help of third parties, proved 1st gen VR is viable to continue on console. There are so many core games made besides casual. Which is why this free adapter is being supported for PS5 use.

But you know the story already. Friendly gestures are cool. But abandoning the hardware wasn't. Removing the cycles needed to support Kinect in favor of catching PS4 power wasn't. Tossing a free adapter out when they discontinued support in games also wasn't cool. It's not even the same. And, that is not even counting High Fidelity VR into the picture when they had a better camera that tracked full body that would have been perfect for VR.

darthv7283d ago (Edited 83d ago )

"they had a better camera that tracked full body that would have been perfect for VR" that would be a really good reason to bring it back so who knows for sure. Rumors are just rumors regarding a deal with Valve and/or FB for their respected VR headsets. But yes, the kinect would have made a really good full body tracking vr camera.

Sadly they never fully realized the tech (even in the 360 one) as it still is kind of a remarkable piece. Outside of gaming, I've seen some impressive uses for it.

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OtterX83d ago

I won't be able to get a PS5 this year, but I'm still going to order my adapter in case supplies run low later on when I can.

WireMucks83d ago

I hope I make it ,..Hope I don't have to go some cheapo third party solution,..

leemo1983d ago

Had a problem with this, but someone on reddit figure out to use the link on the FAQ on the page to order it. Used it no problem what so ever and also solves the US country problem on the shipping page. Link for the US territory.

CR7JUVE189783d ago

I'm still not able to get it to go through

HICK83d ago

me either and I chatted with CS and I had to explain to her what the PSVR adapter was. She kept telling me that PS5 VR isn't announced yet lol what a joke. In the end, she referred to me HTTP:// and I have yet to figure out how to get someone to chat with

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