Microsoft’s New Halo Game Loses Top Director After Project Delay

Jason Schreier writes: Chris Lee, who oversaw production of Halo Infinite at 343 Industries, which is developing the game for Microsoft, is no longer working on it, he confirmed to Bloomberg News on Wednesday. Lee is the second top director on the project to leave in the past two years.

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AngainorG7X84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Just cancel it at this point however I do believe that Joe will save the title

crazyCoconuts84d ago

Cancel Halo Infinite?! Heretic!

Bender650284d ago

I loved Heretic. Great game from yesteryear. But yes, cancel a Halo title that's sacrilege.

The Wood84d ago

I smell crackdown

Management has to be questioned both inside and outside 343

Neonridr84d ago

@Bender6502 - I enjoyed Hexen better.

UltraNova83d ago

The fact that the game had to delayed by a whole year, this close to launch after all those years in development, and now losing another director paints a very clear picture of its status - and it ain't a good one, to say the least.

That said i don't doubt for a second that MS is going to allow its biggest Xbox asset to flounder like say Crackdown did. I sure they'll fix the game by next year or even delay it as need until they do.

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Christopher84d ago

What? Cancel a game because a person who was probably set to leave anyway has left?

RgR84d ago

Cancelling is reaching but the point to take away is as follows.

Who leaves a team where they just finished creating something special?
I for one would stay to see what awesomeness we do next. However, if it looks like it is not reaching expectations and working on it has been a nightmare then I would have no problem resigning asap.

It speaks volumes that many key people are in and out of this project.

KeenBean34584d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Agreed. Reading the headline this sounds awful but when you actually know he's been off the project since the awful showcase in August it's not as they brought in Joe Statten, just sounds like he's surplus to requirements with Statten and Pierre now running things.

Halo 2 had a much much worse development cycle than this game and turned into a master piece so I hope this is what happens here. I really hope this game is good and can restore Halo to what it once was

Christopher84d ago

***Who leaves a team where they just finished creating something special?***

Someone who already had a job lined up elsewhere.

Cueil83d ago

If you have been paying attention this purge of many of the Halo 5 people has been going on for a while

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Atom66684d ago

Won't happen.

All of the rumored issues with the game go back to scheduling, communication, and other director tasks. It's about damn time they cleaned things up in those roles. I know he stepped aside a couple of months ago, but this should have happened long before imo.

Eamon84d ago

There were also rumours that Infinite was almost set to be a "Live Service" game. I think Phil Spencer put a stop to that after the negative reception to the demo shown a few months back.

Joe Staten is a Bungie veteran and was part of the core team that provided the creative direction for the Halo trilogy. So it's not all bad news, and in some ways, perhaps good news.

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soulrebel84d ago

You believe he will save it but you want it cancelled 🙃

neutralgamer199284d ago

delay the game until it's ready if it means 2022 so be it but fix the issues and make a master piece so people will forget the delays

Knightofelemia83d ago (Edited 83d ago )


Cancelling Halo infinite will be a shot in the foot for Microsoft especially with the Series X and S coming out they need the title. They showed it off and made a promise that the game will arrive that would be like Nintendo showing off a new Metroid game get it half developed and then scrapping it. That would be a shot in the foot there as well if Nintendo did that and piss off a lot of fans and scare away sales of the Switch.

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CaptainHenry91683d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Halo has been going downhill for so long now that it can never recover, better to escape this mess asap lol. Only Bungie can save it

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Father__Merrin84d ago

It's definatly in development limbo now they started it as an xbox one title then lied during their reveal that it's been built ground up for series X. I think it's best if they just release it as it is halo is all about the gameplay anyways

shabz66684d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Nope nope. Let them cook it till it’s ready. I reckon this will be the final nail in 343 if they don’t deliver. The game is basically in development hell. I love halo and want it back at its best and hopefully they deliver. I’m sure the pandemic hasn’t made things easy for the team. Now that joe staten has come to help the team hopefully they can have a unified vision to what this game is. Sigh I miss halo

Atticus_finch84d ago

Just release it as is already. All the memes will be fire and xfans will pretend they love it.

Abnor_Mal84d ago

Like the fridge becoming reality, and now everyone claiming they love it and want one. Like that?

darthv7284d ago

Are you saying you wouldnt want a series x fridge? that thing is bad ass (even for a fridge)

Abnor_Mal84d ago

@darth72 I will say it looks good, but it doesn't look functional at all. All the food looked green like it spoilt and mold started to form. :)

Critic4l_Strik384d ago

New Microsoft division...Series X fridges

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aconnellan84d ago

The gameplay reveal was really widely hated by Xbox fans - no one wants to release it in its current state

Gamist2dot084d ago

They should just release it as planned now otherwise it's going to need to delay another 2 years if they want to get it right.

Pickledpepper84d ago

Just like all the sony fans pretended to like TLOU2

Atticus_finch84d ago

I'm glad you brought up TLoU2, a game that looks better on ps4 than Haloi does on next gen console. OUCH!

LucasRuinedChildhood84d ago

It's one of the highest rated games of all time. Most people who complained about it were led by reactionary, political channels like TheQuartering that never even played it. Can't wait for it to get GOTY.

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