AMD announces Radeon RX 6800XT & RX 6900XT, first gaming benchmarks

AMD has officially announced its RDNA 2 high-end GPUs, the AMD Radeon RX 6800XT and RX 6900XT.

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Runechaz34d ago

Finally some big opposition to Nvidia

ABizzel134d ago

Agreed, everyone expected them to get clobbered or at best match a 2080 ti, and they have flatout won in rasterization against the entire RTX 3000 series, and priced competitively (although not as competitive as I wished they'd have been to really win over a large portion of marketshare).

NVIDIA still has great performance, solid prices, the inevitable RTX 3070ti and 3080ti which will give them more cards to directly compete with the 6800 and 6800XT, but they also have DLSS which AMD hasn't addressed, and better Ray-Tracing (basically Ampere vs Turing-level Raytracing based on leaks).

Regardless this is the best AMD has competed with NVIDIA in a LONG time day and date, and I'm happy for them. This was a company that was literally a year away from bankruptcy and potentially going out of business, to destroying their main CPU competition in Intel (who needs to get off of 14nm ASAP), to also rivaling their biggest GPU competitor.

Praise to Ms./Mrs. Su and her team.

StoneyYoshi34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's a Great stepping stone to start for potentially dominate like they did when they released 1st gen Ryzen.

LightofDarkness34d ago

Dr. Su has absolutely turned their fortunes around. There was a conspicuous lack of ray tracing performance numbers however, which may line up with the rumours that it only matches the 2080 Ti in that regard. Also note that it lacks a true competitor to DLSS, with Super Resolution seemingly not being mature enough to reveal and likely not available at launch. So it's a great victory for most use cases, but without the same future focus that Nvidia has banked on.

Ryushaa33d ago

I agree with every thing you said, however I want to ask you something. It is easy to say: the inevitable coming of the 3070ti (which is funny as the 3070 is not even released yet) and 3080ti. However, what is going to be the 3080ti in specific?
In price: Obvious, between 700 and 1500 US Dollars. Easy.
In memory: 3080 has 10GB, 3090 has 24GB. The 3080ti will have a in between amount, maybe 16 or 20 GB.
But, what about the most important? Performance?
The 3090 is 13% faster then the 3080.(Average from reviews from Techradar, Tom's Hardware and PC World)
The 3080ti would be 6-9% (maybe) faster then the 3080 and have more VRAM, would this be enough to make a new card?

ABizzel133d ago


The specs have already been leaked for the 3070 ti and 3080 ti 😂😂😂. lol, as soon as NVIDIA saw those benchmarks earlier this month and the rumor it was only the 3800 XT, they canceled the 16GB 3070 and 20GB 3080 and used the G102 die to make a cut-down 3080 which will be the 3070 ti 10 GB GDDR6X, and a cut-down 3090 which will be the 3080 ti 12 GB GDDR6X.

It's no rumor anymore lol

The reason why those cards matter is perception, performance for NVIDIA, and simply more options because now that AMD is equal in rasterization this gen NVIDIA has to be.

The 3070 Ti should be around the base 6800 performance if not slightly above it in Rasterization, and the 3080 Ti should be just above the 6800XT in Rasterization as well. So at that point it gives the perception that NVIDIA is back being "more powerful" if marginally so, and it strokes NVIDIA's ego of having to be the best. But as you said the price will likely be higher $599 for a 3070 ti which is right on par with the $579 6800, and $799 - $999 for the 3080 ti, which is a bit harder value proposition.

Overall AMD still has it when it comes to value and performance. It's just once again NVIDIA has DLSS which is a huge performance boost in the games that have it, and better Ray Tracing. If I were NVIDIA I would be getting DLSS in just about everything, and with CyberPunk and other games launching with DLSS, and the history and current marketshare NVIDIA has the RTX 3000 series is still likely to hold the dominate portion of marketshare.

But here's hoping AMD helps drop NVIDIA from 80% marketshare down to 70%.

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Father__Merrin34d ago

Pointless in 3090, the 6900xt is same performance mabey even better in some titles at £500 lower price. 6800xt is better than a 3080 and a 6800 is better than a 3070....

Zeeb34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The 6800 is priced really poorly though. It's $80 more than the 3070. The 3070 for me was the price range I was looking to upgrade too and I was waiting on AMD to offer a similar performance card for a lower price but they missed the mark. I'll be going with Nvidia again it seems.

That card should have been $479, it feels like $100 more than it should have been.

DonDon300034d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It was prolly the vram that drove up the cost

StoneyYoshi34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It has double the VRAM compared to the 3070. $80 price difference is acceptable IMO.

PCpower34d ago

I agree. Its only 8 more CU's compared to the Xbox Series X that is just $499 and will have optimizations. That's why in my opinion, the 6800XT is the sweet spot for PC gaming. The 6800 should have been $449 to $499 at most.

Zeeb34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


I guess, honestly I didn't remember what the 3070 memory amount was. So I can acknowledge that the manufacturing cost was higher in that case.

But if it doesn't translate to performance especially at 4k when the textures are larger so you would think it would have more benefit then, just for me personally it's not a better value.

The 6800xt and the 6900xt are better priced though imho, But I don't know if I want o buy a card that pricey when things on the GPU side advance so fast. The 3070 for example is a massively better value that the 2080ti. So what will the 4070 look like...

seanpitt2334d ago

According to the performance its a lot faster than the 2080ti and 3070

Father__Merrin34d ago

You will almost definatly be able to flash the bios to a 6800xt just like vega 56 to 64 or rx 5700 to 5700xt like I have done

ABizzel134d ago

$80 is breaking your bank, when you're looking at a $500 card?

You're also getting 16GB of VRAM instead of 8GB which is significantly more future-proof over the next several years, not to mention NVIDIA dropped the 16GB and 20GB models of the 3070 and 3080, to release 3070 ti and 3080 ti's early next year.

The 3070 shouldn't even be an option unless you need a GPU immediately, and DLSS is a must have (which this can be argued it is). Otherwise the 6800 is without question the better card based on leaks, and AMD's showing. We'll have to see other test, and the 3070 running with the same CPU to get a like for like comparison.

Zeeb33d ago


Questioning people over their budgets is kinda rude but w/e. $80 is $80 you may as well ask why I don't get the 3090 or 6900...

But w/e i'm not really in any hurry to buy anything my 1080 has yet to hold me back other than no RT. More benchmarks and things will be available by the time I buy anything which won't be until the aftermarket boards come out and I don't have to wrestle people to the ground to find one or pay above msrp.

I appreciative the feedback but w/e clearly airing my opinions here was kicking a hornets nest. heh

BillyBrain33d ago

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the price reveal. $600 is a lot of money.

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Redlife2g34d ago

Don't forget the numbers they showed for the 6900xt were using the "rage mode" that requires an AMD cpu.. I'm waiting for actual gaming benchmarks to really show what this puppy can do. Either way it's about time AMD stepped up to the plate.. We all win.

XxINFERNUSxX34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Awesome cards, I like AMD and Nvidia, though I wish AMD would have kept the ATI name ^)^ so many memories of that awesome 9700 Pro back in 2002. I would buy one but I'm using a true gsync lcd, not g sync compatible one. So I can't buy one cause gsync won't work. AW2518H NVIDIA G-Sync 240Hz So my eye is on the 3070 right now. But that 6800XT I would buy if it worked.

StoneyYoshi34d ago

I never really got why G-Sync or Freesync matters these days. I don't experience any screen tearing on any of my games with vsync off.


They both are minimizing display stutter and input lag. So say for example your playing a game and the FPS jumps from 60 to 80, 100 etc you won't notice any stutter it would just be smooth. But if the FPS drops below 30fps and I think below 48fps for AMD then that's when gsync and freesync will not work. They both work up to the max of your monitors refresh rate. I play alot of Guild Wars 2 and we all know MMO's use a lot more CPU than GPU, and the FPS is all over the place but, using gsync it's pretty smooth, when it's above 30fps.

RazzerRedux34d ago

Things just got very interesting in the PC gaming GPU market.

crazyCoconuts34d ago

did you get your 3080 yet? I couldn't find one and kinda glad at this point. Considering the 6800XT as an alternative

RazzerRedux34d ago

Nope. Never could find one. Yeah, I'm glad now as well. Definitely considering the 6800XT as well.

Psychotica33d ago

These might be interesting to pair with the new Ryzen 9 5950X coming out next month..