PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking

We got our first hands-on with the PS5 console hardware, and while its stark look doesn't scream PlayStation, there's a striking familiarity in the DualSense controller that feels comforting.

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Rocosaurus32d ago

I know its an unpopular opinion, but i think both the ps5 and series x look pretty ugly. Ps4 pro looks much better. I kind of like series s though.

Nacho_Z32d ago

The PS5 is a bit of a grower (not literally thank god) but yeah that's pretty much what I think. At least Sony had a crack at something original and no doubt it's got people talking.

Popsicle32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I agree that neither are great to look at, but I do like that they both appear weighty and substantial. It looks as though I am purchasing something of quality. I remember pulling my base PS4 out of the box on launch day. I really liked the design but it was light and the plastic felt cheap.

The PS5 and Series X remind me of the PS3 in one regard. The original design was not overly popular from an at aesthetic standpoint. However, when I pulled it out of the box it felt powerful!

badz14932d ago

Un-Playstation look? wait...there's a standard Playstation look??

this is just a poor excuse to bash the PS5 for what it isn't. since PS1, the PS console design has been different from one gen to the next.

how can you say things like this when there was very little similarity in design from PS1 to PS4?

Elit3Nick32d ago

I imagine he's referring to the blocky designs that the prior consoles are known for (less so for the PS3). I liked the old designs, and I find this one works well too, it's just that he's correct in that it's a departure.

Nodoze32d ago

If the PS5 were offered in black, I doubt many would be complaining. It would look sleek, even with it's giant size. The choice to make it white was not the right choice IMO. I cannot stand white electronics. There is already an outcry for skins, blades in colors, and different color offerings from Sony. If it were black, I don't think this would be the case.

Also I strongly dislike gloss black shiny plastic. They did this on the was a dust and scratched up mess within a week. I don't know who decided to make the center area gloss black, but it is awful.

The other irony here is that when images were first shown the Xbox Series X was pegged as this monolithic console (hence the fridge meme)...when in reality it is the PS5 that is much larger.

Nacho_Z32d ago

In fairness it's my understanding that the gloss is due to a removable film you get on this sort of stuff and it's matte underneath. Could be wrong.

SullysCigar32d ago

You either don't listen, or don't learn.

The PS5 is taller, unquestionably, but it's only 5% larger in volume than series x for the disc version and it's SMALLER than series x if comparing the digital version. Across both PS5 versions it is again SMALLER than series x. These are facts.

Happy for you to disagree, but perhaps share your source - mine's reported on many websites, but I can get you a link if Google's too much of a strain, just shout.

Fist4achin32d ago

I'm not too fond of the appearance, but my viewing it goes away soon after I'm playing on it. The OG PS3 wasn't very sleek, but I get over these things with the entertainment they provide.