PlayStation Plus Collection details revealed + your November PlayStation Plus games

Nick Maguire - "Next month is an extra special one for PlayStation Plus members. As we approach the launch of PS5, we are pleased to share more information about the PlayStation Plus Collection*, along with your monthly PS4 games."

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potatoseal452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

Killer month, especially for PS5 fans. I'm sure if you just own a PS4, then you can put Bugsnax into your library, so when you eventually do get a PS5, that game will be there for you waiting. Bugsnax will be free until January

DarkZane452d ago

You might not be able to do it from the PS4 because it might not be able to see or interact with PS5 content, but you can definitely do it from the web store.

thorstein452d ago

New PS App. "Purchase" for PS5. Download when you have it.

1nsomniac452d ago

You have to link your consoles therefore I doubt you will be able to download if you don’t have a PS5.

You can see in the video for the new app it shows what consoles have been linked to your account.

MrNinosan452d ago

You never had to link a console to put your PS Plus games in Library.
I am almost certain that all who have a PSN with PS+ can put Bugsnax in Library from webstore.

That’s what many of my friends did with PS4 library before they actually got the Ps4 or Vita.

P_Bomb452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

Likewise. Used the app to add free PS4 games to my library before I had a PS4. Also got me a substantial library of PS+ Vita games despite never owning a Vita. Ditto PSVR. Hopefully nu-app works the same. Would suck if it didn’t.

jeromeface452d ago

webstore has been changed, not sure if its still possible.

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-Ghost452d ago

Great month. I already own Hollow Knight, but I'll gladly take Bugsnax and Shadow of War

NecrumOddBoy452d ago

Kids and I are going to enjoy Bugsnax. Hollow Knight is an epic win of a game. I platinum’d earlier this year.

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SullysCigar452d ago

Awesome month, I'm interested in all 3!

Seraphim451d ago

I picked up Hallow Knight on Switch but I'll still grab on PS. Great game I'd been looking forward to for the longest time.

Majin-vegeta452d ago

Anyone else notice they added Crash Trilgoy&BO3 Zombie chronicles edition?Those werent in the original trailer

TGGJustin452d ago

Yep and they upgraded FF15 to the Royal Edition. Great additions.

RpgSama452d ago

For real? I might finally give FFXV a go in that case.

RememberThe357452d ago

What sort of smuggling ring did you guys tap into to get your preorders?

ActualWhiteMan452d ago

Had to give my left kidney to a Russian Scientist to secure my PS5 preorder.

andy85452d ago

Ooo I didn't spot that. Can finally play those DLC levels on Crash now!

Sitdown452d ago

Has it been said if there is a time limit on the games in the Playstation Plus Collection? Do they go away at some point in the future? Or are titles simply rotated out? I am good regardless, as I have a pre-order and plus until about 2022 at least...but would be interested in these details.

ocelot07452d ago

Says on the store. Once you redeem each game from the collection they are added to your account and yours to keep providing your a active PS+ member.

Sitdown452d ago

Thanks, but I was wondering if you have until a certain date to redeem then by, like his your have until the end of the month to get ps+ titles. For individuals who didn't secure a ps5, will they still have access once they final get one, or can they still lock in through the website, app, or ps4?

ABizzel1452d ago


It doesn't specifiy, I would try using the online store around launch and see if you can do it there, as I'm pretty sure you'll be locked out of PS5 content on the PS4, as the PS5 will not allow content it can't run to be downloaded on there (PS3).

The web store is usually significantly more lenient when it comes to these things.

Teflon02452d ago

Basically it's the same rules as normal PS Plus games. It just seems you can only redeem them from ps5. They als seem to be games that are assured to see performance improvements somewhere apparently.

But essentially when you get your PS5, Add all the games to your library immediately. Seems they'll be rotated in and out eventually so it's best to just add them all to your library so you'll always have em all

Sitdown452d ago

Thanks, so people who were not able to secure a ps5, might potentially miss out?

DarkZane452d ago

@Sitdown Maybe, but I think those games will be there more than just a few months, so those who couldn't get a preorders will probably have ample time to buy a PS5 and add them to their libraries.

The Wood452d ago

That is true. That would be a bummer