Xbox Series X Console Unboxing - IGN

IGN writes, "We have the Xbox Series X and we're unboxing the retail version of the console to show everything inside including the fancy packaging it comes in! In addition, we compare it to all consoles. See the Xbox Series X vs. PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X and more!"

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TheExecutioner84d ago

controllers are still run replacement better shit man I thought next-gen will be changed

JonnyBeoulve84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I prefer this way. When the lithium ion battery is built into the controller like PlayStation, then when the battery hits end of life you have to replace the entire controller. With Xbox you can either put in new batteries or an Xbox controller battery.

I ended up spending way more money this past generation on PlayStation controllers because of this. With my Xbox controllers I just ended up buying two Xbox controller batteries at $20 each.

MetalProxy84d ago

You guys really shouldn’t defend that bullshit. Buying batteries all the time sucks and you know it

UnbreakableAlex84d ago


Didn't you know there are rechargable AA batteries? Built in batteries are a pest.

annoyedgamer84d ago

There is a thing called rechargeable batteries.

Sitdown84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Guess you missed the part where the extra ps5 controller doesn't look too include the charging cord. What's your thoughts about that?

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porkChop84d ago

I like using rechargeable batteries on my XBO controller. I can swap to a new pair in just a few seconds and have full battery. Don't need to be plugged into my PC to recharge.

Greg280184d ago

Gotta give it to Microsoft for the nice box the series x comes in. Makes it look very premium.

crazyCoconuts84d ago

yea, HUGE improvement from the launch Xbox One packaging. They have PS5 beat in terms of the packaging this time around imo

NeoGamer23284d ago

Ya, the inside the box print and the way you open the box like a treasure chest is really cool. Best box opening of a console I have seen to date.

LOL. Nothing to do with the hardware, games, and services, but very cool opening!

crazyCoconuts84d ago

PSVR packaging was high end as well, with a lot of thought around helping users through the cables.

Gr1mmyshadows84d ago

The wait is almost over!! Premium packaging too.

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