This Is Your EU/UK Xbox Series X Retail Unit; Packaging and Contents | TechStomper

We've been sitting on our EU/UK Xbox Series X for just over a week, waiting to show you how your very own XSX will look on the shelf and while ripping it open at home.

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DJStotty84d ago

It is going to look quite slick next to my TV on my brand new unit!!!

13 days!!!

drunkenspy00784d ago

that packaging.... Trypophobes beware!

PrimeVinister84d ago

It's a well-designed package. Satisfying to open.

Smclaren198584d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Man I managed to get a ps5 but I’m having zero luck with the series x. Microsoft Apparently only made a third of what Sony made . Sony made 10 million so that explains why series x is harder to get. I must say the design of the series x is really growing on me. This gen will be amazing for us as gamers as both are extremely capable consoles 😁

PrimeVinister84d ago

That's nuts. You would expect Xbox to overproduce them and fling them out.

Neonridr84d ago

I think MS did a better job with the presentation of the box. That being said, it's just a box. For those of you who ordered a Series S/X I wish you all the enjoyment you can get from it. I can't wait to get my PS5 a few days later.