CD Projekt Red Receiving Death Threats Over Delay

Yesterday afternoon fans were hit with the disappointing news that Cyberpunk 2077 was getting another delay. While understandably annoyed with the news as the game had recently gone gold, most people have taken to the news as you would expect, a few complaints here and there, however, some people have gone to extreme measures to vent their frustration in the form of death threats to the developers.

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CoNn3rB874d ago

It is a sad world we live in when people think that this kind of behaviour is in anyway acceptable

fiveby9874d ago

Some people with some serious psychological issues going on that they would threaten anyone over a video game.

HyperMoused873d ago

what how dare you say that...i kill you

jjb1981873d ago

What is even more sickening are the disagrees that you get for your comment. Its not ok to threaten lives because they didn't get their Vidya Gemms on time.

TallDarknWavy873d ago

99.999% of threats on the internet of any kind are just frustrated losers with nothing better to do, and are way too lazy to actually carry out whatever threat they're making.

There is a tiny fraction of a chance the person is serious, in which case just carry a gun, and when they make themselves known, remove the little shit stain from this Earth and do us all a favour.

Smitty2020873d ago

i will be a 13 yr old lol

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UnSelf873d ago

I would love to be one of the devs these lame ass neck beards send death threats too

Itll be the last time they’ll ever send another threat

CorndogBurglar873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Because you'll kill them? Or will you threaten them back so hard that you terrify them into not doing it anymore? I'm confused. I would really like to know how you would stop them from ever sending another threat.

Aussiesummer873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Lol, Rightio hard man.

AngelicIceDiamond873d ago

It's hard to see ppl being a fan of anything these days. As as soon something doesn't go there way however that may be they turn on devs that they claimed they "loved". This isn't in gaming but other forms of entertainment. It's literally misery type of mentality. Loving and supportive until they do something that doesn't support your views, mindset, or you just want them to magically hand over whatever piece of unfinished product in their hands then later complain how it's unfinished and so and so dev "lost their way" then cancel this and that etc.

It's bad these days. If they need time, they need time it's not up to us it never is we don't make these games.

Omegasyde873d ago

It’s the anonymous factor of the internet nowadays. It’s what’s given rise to the vocal minority and why companies have to pander to everyone..

Create username and then troll away.

Unfortunately these jerks are going to force governments to become even more authoritarian with internet usage.

CorndogBurglar873d ago

Whats crazy is these people must not realize that delays are a good thing. The game will release more complete and polished. Why would anyone want to rush that?

TheScotsman873d ago

Losers they are, wish we could find them and go over there comments

InUrFoxHole873d ago

I know... Could've been avoided if they finished the game.

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DJStotty874d ago

Pathetic wastes of human DNA.

These will be the kind of people that sit behind a keyboard in their basement, living a lonely existence.

To give any individual any kind of death threat over anything is appalling, the police should trace these individuals down and enforce the full force of the law.

CWheatley873d ago

Throw em in a cell so they can't play the game at all. Now THAT'S justice.

nickanasty206873d ago

Looks like it should be easy to trace them. All we have to look at is all of the down voters in this thread who don't think death threats are rediculous behavior towards devs. I put the downvoters to your comment in the same bucket as these fucks.

Relientk77874d ago

This is so dumb. There's no reason to give death threats like this. Also the delay is only 3 weeks.

potatoseal874d ago

Who are these vermin?
It just makes you sick

solideagle873d ago

it could be anyone, the most sane person becomes insane on the internet because no one can catch him/her. Many have ugly face behind a mask, they show their true nature on internet, comments (youtube, facebook) etc

Jericho1337873d ago

Exactly, could well be people who post on this website.

For me, delay it again and launch a police investigation to weed out these scumbags.

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