Xbox Series X V Playstation 5: world map reveals the most in-demand console worldwide

In the battle between XBox and Playstation, which games console is most in demand around the world? Our new data reveals all.

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DJStotty272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

"While this study is fun water cooler talk and perhaps reflects the momentum of the PS4 and the existence of a new Spider-Man game in the launch line-up, its unclear how deep the agency search went. They bill themselves as experts and we'll just have to take them at their word. But from what I've seen, the argument between PS5 vs XSX isn't as clear cut."

Says everything i need to know. Lets wait for launch numbers from both manufacturers before jumping the gun.

(Although i still fully expect PS5 to sell more than Series X)

Jin_Sakai272d ago

You don’t need research to tell you PS5 is in demand more than Series X. It’s common sense.

DJStotty272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Oh don't get me wrong, i am not trying to say PS5 is not in demand more, but an 84% margin worldwide? Not likely.

That is like saying by the time PS5 gets to 84 million sales, Series X will be at 16 million. I just do not see that big a margin.

Father__Merrin272d ago

@djsxotty some weeks xbox one including the X only sold 17k consoles worldwide where as ps4 was around 120k. I think ps5 will be the only console ppl want

bouzebbal272d ago

This is shaping up to be the worst xbox console in history. It has absolutely no asset.. No exclusives..
84% i would actually say 100%

MrNinosan272d ago

That’s not what the text says thou.
It says that in 84% of the countries more people want PS5 than Series X.
In 16% of the countries, more people want Series X. That for me is shocking because my guess would be that 100% the countries would prefer PS5.

Anyways, back to topic.

Out of those countries, let’s just use fantasy numbers. 1000 more PS5 are sold than Series X.

Let’s pretend this statistic is for 100 countries, and in each country the prefered console sell 11k and the other 10k.

That would be 1.0160.000 Series X and 1.084.000 PS5.

Now you might realise your calculation of 84 million to 16 million is not what the post was about.

Melankolis272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

You're mistaken to think that "country" would translate to "sales" equally. In Japan, PS4:Xbox is 100:1. But worldwide, we all know that PS4:XBO is 2:1.

lifeisgamesok272d ago

At least they have hope Lol

PS5 will clearly sell more units worldwide

Critic4l_Strik3272d ago

84% to 16% margin sounds about right.

Muzikguy272d ago


2 to 1 worldwide? That's funny. I'd tell you to share sources but you can't since MS don't share numbers.

Melankolis272d ago

But you can't say i'm wrong either because you're the one who said MS don't share the numbers or you never read the news.

Source :

Not convinced? it's up to you. But at least, even the worst reference is better than a mere claim.

SullysCigar272d ago

DJStotty, you're not understanding. Have you ever looked at the world outside of the US? It's not a favourable picture for Xbox and it's seemingly getting worse.

That's just how it is.

DJStotty271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

From the article :-

USA - 56.98% to 43.02% - in favour of playstation (very close)
UK - 57.28% to 42.72% - in favour of playstation (very close)
China - 45.03% to 54.97% - in favour of xbox (again close)
Japan - 98.94% to 1.05% - in favour of playstation (landslide fully expected)

Most are only a 10-20% swing, now factor in that the data is unreliable and from unconfirmed sources, then i stick to my statement :-

"Oh don't get me wrong, i am not trying to say PS5 is not in demand more, but an 84% margin worldwide? Not likely."

What people misunderstood, is when i said "That is like saying by the time PS5 gets to 84 million sales, Series X will be at 16 million." not a statement, but an analogy.

dlocsta271d ago Show
1Victor271d ago

I have got 4 generations of PlayStation 6 if you count the handhelds on day 1 always through reservations this is the first time I’m going to miss 😭it so yeah highly on demand is a understatement

Dragonscale271d ago

@dj, 84% margin is probably about right. Xbox is only popular in us and uk tbh. Gamepass, bc and no next gen exclusives won't help much.

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Relientk77272d ago

"Lets wait for launch numbers from both manufacturers"

Microsoft probably won't give sales numbers. They only like giving numbers if they are winning. Gotta move those goal posts.

272d ago
NEXUS-6272d ago

ms will sell well initially, but once the die-hards have it - the slide will begin.

I expect the same ratio as then gen if not a little more in Sony's favour.

Extermin8or3_271d ago

They'll give numbers into the new year because I reckon both companies will sell all the consoles they manufacture until then. Its January onwards where it gets interesting when they start to catch up to demand . Given Sony have ratchet and clank, Horizon and Gran tourism it would appear in the first half of the year and the God of War presumably in seotember/October time not to mention whatever else they announce going beyond that. Advertising rights for Harry Potter game... all of which will really boost ps5 sales.

The Wood272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

The xbox's two best selling places were the US and the UK....both of these places sold more PlayStations than Xbox's...... Think about that. Add the fact all current gen owners can carry their libraries into next gen meaning there's an extra incentive to stay with their current brand. Sony have given themselves the best foundation to repeat this gens dominance. Microsoft should do better this gen but they have a lot of catching up to do. You could argue they done more damage than good this gen. Their 360 ear was clearly better in regards to output, deals and sales.

RgR272d ago

No research needed for a clear conclusion.
The playstation will outsell the Xbox.

No doubt of it whatsoever.

gamer7804272d ago

Wait for what? Why not buy what console interests you the most, they each have different ips and features and services.

gunnerforlife272d ago

I don't think you understand why that 84% means! They're not saying they're 84% ahead of them, but in 84% of countries! And that should actually be 98% with only UK and American where xbox could sell even close to ps5, them 2 countries should be the final 2% but even then ps4 is leading in both countries right now so I'm pretty sure ps5 will lead in UK and USA! Which makes it ps5 leading in 100% of markets!

neutralgamer1992272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I think early on both consoles will sell well people forget the fact that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one sold more than 1 million in this initial 24 hours. We will start to see separation 6 to 9 months after launch

I think the difference with the PlayStation 5 could be the install base of PlayStation 4 and how strong the PlayStation brand is right now that PlayStation 5 could pull out of the gate way ahead of Xbox series X

My guess

By December 2020 ps5 at 6 million plus Xbox series X at 3.5 to 4 million

if Sony can manufacture more they can sell more simple as that the demand for ps5 will not be met until maybe summer of 2021

Extermin8or3_271d ago

Nah we started to see separation almost immediately. The ps4 hit 2 million in first 24hrs on sale technically if you account for the European launch and American launch as they were like this time a week apart. They sold all units they had in USA at launch then a week later they sold all units in Europe some 1.5 million. This lead to them breaking 2 million units faster than xbox. By Xmas xbox was being outsold 2:1 roughly already. I recall the ps4 sales announcement being in the region of 8 million and the xbox being like 4-5 million. Then MS sobbed giving numbers. By March PS4 had exceeded 12 million Units. By the end of the year it had exceeded 25 Million units. It went on like that. Demans for the ps5 is actually higher than it was for ps4 so....

MADGameR272d ago

The PS5 will outsell BOTH X Box Series console 5 to 1 world wide. Mark my words

NEXUS-6272d ago

+ xbox one - It will outsell the xbox family of consoles available on store shelves.

NEXUS-6272d ago

DJ - stating the obvious in that last paragraph, PS5 is going to dominate.

Extermin8or3_271d ago

Actually this is the 3rd or 4th study I've seen produce roughly this figure now. Has me wondering if it might well not be accurate.

Bathyj271d ago

I'm with you DJ.
This article is not accurate
148 countries out of 161 is
91.92% not 84.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen271d ago

PlayStation is being sold in more countries. The only people thinking Series X is in more demand are people who enjoy living in fantasy land.

Bender6502271d ago

While I kinda agree with you on the research in the article, don't expect console sales numbers from MS. They have already stated numerous times they don't do that anymore. Their strategy for the future isn't solely console sales -it's the xbox ecosystem. And while PS5, I'm sure, will dominate harware console sales, though possibly not by the margins many anticipate,these sales alone will not be truly indicative of revenue. From MS' perspective the whole of the MS ecosystem, and by that I mean PC,Moby,console, Xcloud and subscription services will be how MS judges their performance and success moving forward. And Like it or not, personally I don't, that's the future of the industry for all players, including Sony.

Sony's best chance to compete isn't, in my opinion, exclusive software alone, because in a year or two MS will be competeing if not surpassing Sony's AAA output. For me, Sony, will need to move from just consoles and follow the market trends as Apple,Amazon,Google and MS are already doing.
But of course, most gamers are not corporate businessman.

Finally,it's perhaps worth considering the gaming lanscape as it currently is, regardless of your allegiances, and wonder where it will be in 10yrs time. If you think it will remain as is, I suggest you check your thinking.

F0XH0UND922271d ago


"Surpassing AAA output from Sony?"

"Sony won't dominate by margins that many anticipate."

Revenue versus sales spin - gamers play games and content, not revenue.

Sony should "follow market trends from Apple, Amazon, Google, and MS?"

So much spin and delusion in one comment. MS AAA output isn't going to change much at all. The studio acquisitions are not from top tier devs and are certainly not AAA devs that will move consoles/subs. Ninja Theory and Obsidian are great but let's not pretend that these acquisitions will do much to move the needle. Not to mention most of their acquisitions were developers already making exclusives for Xbox.

With Zenimax, it's still hard to see what MS will do. Will they operate on multi-platform revenue or will they work on the exclusives angle, timed or otherwise. Again, not going to move the needle much.

Also, do you really think that Sony's only way to compete is with exclusive software? I mean, that is by far the biggest asset to have when it comes to video games but I digress. Sony has many things going for it including VR, digital gaming services, and an awesome line of accessories. You're so out of touch with what's actually happening in the gaming industry. The demand for the PS5 has been the biggest in video game history and you want Sony to emulate companies ranging with luke warm to absolute zero demand and hype?


1Victor271d ago

Ok here’s the full list in the article not just the ones that are close DJ narrative


New Zealand


United Kingdom







Xbox 28.37%

United Arab Emirates
Xbox 27.15%




Edito271d ago

Simple facts, in middle-east / Africa and Asia Xbox doesn't exist... Just that tells a lot.

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italiangamer272d ago

Planet Earth is dominated by PlayStation.

crazyCoconuts272d ago

Help me, XCloud Streaming Stick, you're my only hope. Help me, XCloud Streaming Stick, you're my only hope.

solideagle271d ago

they don't have data from Pakistan :(

GaboonViper272d ago

No doubt what so ever, the hype is through the roof.

Ninver272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Lets just say myself and 3 other mates have been trying to secure a ps5 and we still haven't had any luck. Nobody in my immediate circle is even talking about that other box.

ClayRules2012272d ago

I hear you. While myself and Some of my friends have been able to pre order PS5’s, many of our friends haven’t been so lucky. However, none of them discuss the other box at all. And it’s not even because we all game on PS either. They just don’t see anything whatsoever appealing themselves from Microsoft for their next gen console offering at launch.

NEXUS-6272d ago

Keep trying mate - fair chance of more stock before Christmas.