New Sony Patent Hints At PS5 Auto HDR Feature

PS5 auto HDR has been unearthed in a new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Find out more details here.

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BigBosss873d ago

That would be awesome! PS5 is going to dominate this generation like they did with the last one

autobotdan873d ago

But xbox series x already does HDR auto also

Eonjay873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

That's like saying PS4 also had a share button. And this looks like it's for PS5 games.

bouzebbal873d ago

I don't know if there are others like me but I think HDR makes the picture very washed out.. I almost prefer without. Any tips?

sinspirit873d ago


What TV is it? Does it have good HDR in reviews?

You also need to check your TVs HDR settings. You can still adjust brightness, color, saturation, etcetera. My LG C9 had magenta turned up a lot for some reason and it was definitely brand new. I still played with HDR a lot to make it better.

Also, HDR in gaming will look different. To have the best input latency, they tend to scale back the quality these settings can reach so make sure you adjust HDR on the gaming console input.

Teflon02873d ago

Either fix your TV settings or get a better TV. Definitely doesn't wash out colours if it's set right

NEXUS-6873d ago

bouzebbal - HDR is supposed to have the opposite effect, definitely play with your settings. You should get higher contrast and brighter colours.

872d ago
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OptimusDK873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

By copying XBOX LATER as this is just the patent. They still need to implement a solution.

StoneyYoshi873d ago

Both companies copy each other each generation.... lmao get over yourself. Xbox copied all the PS4 sharing features and now the share button its self on the XSX controller.

darthv72873d ago

I think you got it backwards Stoney. XBO had all those sharing features out of the box. They just didnt have a button on the controller. You could use either kinect or press the guide button and choose one of the options on the screen. Now they added the button.

And you are right about them copying something from each other. Like PS4 having user replaceable faceplates when the 360 did it the gen prior. And XB getting remote play when the PS3 did it the gen prior as well.

Smclaren1985873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Wow 😳its not some new invention lol There hardly copying them. This back compat technology has been in the works for a while. It just so happens microsoft announced it first. It’s not some miracle thing microsoft invented. When tech is patented it has to be a valid change from anything else currently. Like the duel sense controller , or Sony’s IO throughput design around the ssd . Or Xbox velocity architecture. Auto HDR isn’t in that category atall

Teflon02873d ago

Darth what's backwards about it? It's using the share button exactly like PS4 before it?

Also to note Auto HDR is implemented by most decent 4K TV's anyways so it's not even a MS thing. If iremember correct My sony 4K does it already. Not sure about my Toshiba one though since it's a cheaper TV

darthv72873d ago

@teflon... "Xbox copied all the PS4 sharing features and now the share button its self on the XSX controller." this line implies the XBO had no sharing options and only copied them after the PS4 had them when that is simply not true. Both had their own sharing options and only NOW has MS added the button to the controller. That is what i was explaining.

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mechethegoat873d ago

Of course. They got more worldwide brand recognition.

873d ago
Neonridr873d ago

what does an auto HDR, especially something that the competition does already, have to do with winning a generation?

873d ago
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autobotdan873d ago

What does a 'patent' mean? Xbox Series X already had auto HDR so what does a patent do?

Stanjara873d ago

It means that they, found solution for it, tested it and now that is working they put their name on it.
In the following months or a year they will or will not put it in a firmware, but we all know where this is going. It is a response to a xbox auto her feature.
It also makes sense since they are manufacturing tv panels with hdr feature so...

DJStotty873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

A patent does not necessarily mean it is a working solution, just the theory behind it.

Patents are filed by companies all the time, to protect their R&D, otherwise another company could just beat you to the punch, so you patent a blueprint/theory/solution and then go about developing/testing etc.

Most patents are held, but not used.

StoneyYoshi873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Patent Keeps other people from copying the implementation/design/inventio in the same way. This means Sony has their own implementation for auto HDR and they want to be sure nobody else can do it their way.

crazyCoconuts873d ago

It's a defensive move as well I think. Making sure that they don't get sued by someone else after they have implemented something.

DJStotty873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

A patent is basically so no one else can copy your solution, without infringing upon it. You can use other companies patented technology, but you would need an agreement with said patent holder.

So basically both consoles will have Auto HDR, they will just have a different way of implementing it, resulting in the same/or better results.

CobraKai873d ago

“The illusion of HDR” without being actually implemented? Hmmm. Doesn’t sound good at all. I’d rather they implement it properly. I mean it’s for PS5 games, I’d think it would be automatic to implement HDR natively. Xbox version of auto HDR seems to be hit and miss.

DJStotty873d ago

They can only implement it naturally if the dev's choose to, i would not like Microsoft or Sony to demand HDR be implemented in 3rd party games.

It should just be left to the dev's choice, but this is a good alternative if dev's do not want to implement HDR.

CobraKai873d ago

I guess when a situation like Red Dead 2 or Resident Evil 2 had messed up HDR implementation, this should be more effective

Father__Merrin873d ago

Won't make a difference in the big picture new consoles new generation = new games

kingboy873d ago

Most modern tv's and HDR compatible monitors already come with something similar ,LG labels it HDR EFFECT

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