Sony Expects PS5 Hardware to Initially Impact Earnings Negatively But Games Will Grow Profits

During the second part of Sony's quarterly conference call, CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about the PS5's contribution to earnings.

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Einhander197136d ago

At the end of the day software makes the bulk of there earnings.

NEXUS-636d ago

Just a hint Sony - lower the RRP on games and you'll be golden. Myself and 2 other mates all have the disc version on preorder - none of us have any games ordered.

There's already some retailers undercutting RRP, just need more to do so - hopefully it'll drive prices down.

rokos36d ago

It's retail RECOMMENDED price

NEXUS-636d ago

Of course it is - I don't want pay RRP. There's been a 25% increase from $100 to $125. Normally RRP is $100 and stores sell them for $69 or $79.

Some retailers are now selling PS5 games for $109. I'm waiting to see if there is a better price on launch day.

Of course I'll be buying games on launch, but I'd rather 3 than 1.

Battlestar2336d ago

They should offer a type of gamepass for PS5 it's not right to force people to pay full price for their games. I love Microsoft gamepass as i pay next to nothing for all the latest games. Strange how Microsoft is the customer friendly one for the next generation.

RazzerRedux36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"it's not right to force people to pay full price for their games"

LOL. That is truly hilarious. Thanks for the sarcasm.

Wait....that was sarcasm....right?

SyntheticForm36d ago

You're something of a nutball.

phoenixwing36d ago

Battle they offer psnow and also you don't own games on gamepass as opposed to buying them for sony

ApocalypseShadow36d ago

This is exactly what I said would happen to the Xbox gamer that is fooled by game pass. Now, buying games is unacceptable to some of them. Totally ridiculous.

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isarai36d ago

Not really news, it's common for consoles to be sold at a loss at the beginning. That's part of the reason the digital only consoles exist, because they make WAY more off of digital sales than retail, and it eliminates the used market for whoever owns the digital only consoles.

Sol4ris36d ago

This pretty much explains/addresses the next gen game price increase Sony is so eager to push. Regardless, by the time I buy the PS5 the games that interest me would likely be less than half of thanks but no thanks, for now Sony.

Silly gameAr36d ago

Yeah, because it's only Sony increasing prices next gen. They should totally give the games they spend millions on to develop for pennies. Why support the hobby we love? That would be stupid.

ApocalypseShadow36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Some of them would complain even if the games stayed $60.

Bigger, more advanced games take more money, time, man power and research to make. But some think Sony is just trying to rob gamer's wallets. When we know that that is not the case.

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