Does Size Matter? PS5 Size Comparison

Looking past the innuendo, this question is important. The world finally saw a true size comparison of the PlayStation 5 and people are shocked. PS5 is huge! The question remains, does size matter. For the most part, in this case, it does. Sony provided some insight into why the PS5 is so much bigger than all of its previous consoles. Some fans don’t care, others are happy about what this means for the technology inside, but there are a select few not too pleased with Sony’s new direction. This article will dive into the pros and cons of a big console and provide some background about what caused the most recent expansion. At the end of this article, you will truly get to the bottom of the age-old question, “Does Size Matter?”.

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Software_Lover32d ago

No. Playstation now has the biggest console (which others were mocked for in the past) and the biggest controller (which many said that the bigger controller hurts their hands) but now it's perfect? Nintendo has the smallest console. Microsoft has the simplest design and sits in the middle as far as size.

Me personally, I'm glad that the controller size/shape has changed for the playstation. I can think of a few changes I would like to see for the Microsoft controller. I almost want to take my 3d printer and print my own custom shell.

As far as the consoles, as long as Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo do not design a console the size of full ATX PC I'm good. My fat ps3 and original Xbox One were pretty big but not bothersome. This ps5 is going to be weird but doable.

dcbronco32d ago

It supposedly matters a lot to Japanese gamers. I remember a lot of complaints about their small apartments being an excuse not to buy an Xbox. I'm sure that excuse will suddenly disappear now that Sony has the biggest console ever.