Hands-On With the Game-Changer That is PS5's DualSense | PowerUp

PowerUp! - "I expected gimmickry – what I met was a gadget that’s going to be seriously difficult to compete with."

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darthv7227d ago

We've gone a pretty long way in regards to visuals. It's nice to see that controls as well as audio are getting the proper treatment to bring everything together.

CaptainHenry91627d ago

Yup Sony put a lot of passion with the Dualsense and made it a real next gen controller

System_Call27d ago

Someone reviewed the Dualsense controller saying "the only real next Gen controller".

TheScotsman27d ago

I'd have to agree, they been tweaking it for years to get it perfect, I'm sure mark cerney said it was gonna launch with ps4 pro but rather than it get under utilised they held it back for ps5. So everybody would have one

Pancit_Canton27d ago

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sitdown27d ago

Rumble doesn't do anything for me, so hopefully this is impactful, and is well adopted.

Hellcat202027d ago

I always turn rumble off on every game
It's annoying
Same with the speaker volume coming out of the DS4- instantly turned it off while playing Days Gone.

RangerWalk26727d ago

I turn off the rubble as well. Especially with the DualShock . The battery life sucked in that controller

potatoseal27d ago

A true Next-Gen controller. Can't wait to use it a feel the innovation

NecrumOddBoy27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I got the email that my controller shipped today. I can’t wait to hold it for days before the PS5 arrives...😭

potatoseal27d ago

I personally excited to play Demon's Souls with it. Seeing as though Demon's Souls went Gold on September 24th, apparently, so they definitely had enough time to make full use of the DualSense.


Are there any other games to play at launch?

SullysCigar27d ago

The ONLY next gen controller according to Skill Up.


Your review gave me aids of the retina.I sincerely hope the pad is better

BillyBrain27d ago

That one naked gay orgy picture near the beginning was pretty bizarre... I don't understand why they put that in their review.

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The story is too old to be commented.