Phil Spencer confirms all first-party Xbox Series X games are 'coming to PC'

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been doing the rounds to promote Microsoft's latest console, and he's been talking a little more about the company's cross-platform approach.

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Sonic-and-Crash886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

..i hope Sony do not follow suit even to the minimum ....PStation must remain strictly console focused if they want to survive in the future (ala Nintendo)

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Obscure_Observer885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

Sony needs to make extra revenue! Fanboys wants Sony to acquire/create new studios but don't want Sony to make more money out the PC userbase tô make that happen which is just ridiculous.

Sony doesn't need to follow Xbox on Day One exclusives on PC. But after 6+ mounths? Who REALLY gives a F*?


Tech5885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

i was going to say since AMD actually makes a larger profit selling their hardware in consoles.
that does leave selling services and software as the bulk of profits for companies like MS and Sony.
which is also as part mentioned in sony's press release for expanding support for other devices. including software on pc.
under page 43 - Background to Strategies and Strategic Direction

jukins885d ago

Man you sure do mention fanboys alot while being major one yourself. Pot kettle black you know all that

crazyCoconuts885d ago

People that make good money put together spreadsheets that predict how much revenue they make with games going to PC vs. money they lose when customers switch to PCs. None of us know how that model works and what the break even point, but that model assuredly exists. And Sony gives a F because it's their business. MS has their own model and their own business objectives / outcomes. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it ridiculous.

potatoseal885d ago

It's so ironic that you keep talking about fanboys all the time.

CaptainHenry916885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

This comment sounds desperate. It reminds me of fanboys

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RedDevils885d ago

This guy just some up what irony mean. Obscure aka the insecure Xbox fanboy.

Rude-ro885d ago

Sony needs to protect Sony.

Extra revenue is nice...
But pirating is the concern.
Making profit off of 45-65% of the games and or opening doors via the console would be the true concern that plagues pc gaming.
I honestly hope Sony takes care of Sony in this respect.
Also, Sony should focus on the consoles abilities and then port to pc.

Let’s not forget that Sony had a pc gaming division... they got rid of it for a reason.

The Wood885d ago

You can tell a consumer from someone who runs or studied business. smdh x 20

S2Killinit885d ago

Good thing PS4 was the most profitable console in history.

Aussieguy885d ago

Nintendo do alright keeping their games to themselves and Sony should do the same I reckon.

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gamer7804885d ago

Sony has already said they want to bring more games to pc. It’s a win for everyone

tontontam0885d ago

Yup, I think sticking to their console is the main reason why they are able to release more exclusives in a short amount of time, they won't have to worry about the additional thousands of hours they need to optimize their game for pc.

mechethegoat885d ago

gotta get a ps5 for that buddy. not in sonys interest to put games on pc as fast as ms does. pc is the afterthought after console is done.

gamer7804885d ago

Not as fast. But they will do it. A lot of My pc friends have no problem waiting for games like Detroit, course now QD are going to be multiplat

RangerWalk267885d ago

In order for Sony to survive in the future, they are going to need to invest billions into cloud infrastructure. Similar to Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Why do you think Amazon and Google are attempting to get into the video game space? Both of them have powerful AI servers to allow for game streaming. I believe this is why Sony made a deal with Microsoft to use their servers. It's cheaper to rent them than it is to build them from scratch.

gamer7804885d ago

They don’t have to, they will be paying MS to use azure

RazzerRedux885d ago

Same reasoning behind Apple buying their iPhone panels from Samsung. Same reasoning why Apple and Samsung and Microsoft buy sensors from Sony. Competitors in one aspect of business and partners in others. None of this is new.....except to gamers it would seem.

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ANIALATOR136885d ago

Having everything on PC is better because it ensures nothing is lost to generation jumps. The PC platform is an archive

MadLad885d ago

We're already seeing the early stages of Sony's interest in the PC market.
Cry about it all you want, Sony is a company, and they are going to make use of every market available. It's not going to be long until Sony looks at their 1st party offerings as timed exclusives. 1 - 2 years purely on Playstation, then the re-release on PC.

NeoGamer232885d ago

I just don't get the logic there. How is it better for the gaming community to buy 2-4 console/PC devices to be able to play every game they may be interested in. Please explain.

Exclusivity may make you feel good at the time, but what if a a few games ship on other platforms that you want to play badly? You end up having to invest in the other platform. I just see no logic in that especially now that MS has 23 first party studios. There are bound to be a few games that other gamers would want. They shouldn't have to buy an XB to have them. Exclusivity encourages fanboyism.

I think Sony would do well if they pursued a multi-platform strategy. Look at how well Horizon did when it shipped on PC. This kind of money fuels the great games Sony makes.

OneLove885d ago

This doesn't even make sense? Opening up other platforms should increase sales, would it not?

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FanboysKiller884d ago

Competing with themselves is an old trend mate.

Rhythmattic884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Im with ya.. I wrote a few hundred word response, not a rant, but my take/opinion on the good and the bad...
Though I was going of on tangents of what makes a console to me, using analogies of Virtual instruments VS Analog Synths ect ect... (fk , seems im doing it now)
So, compressed...
This is not a dig.
MS has left the "Conventional" Console space , the space they’ve moved to is one I think only MS has the resources to.The infrastructure, the money. Its good for gamers.. right? Thew Xbox is a Box. A delivery system, for subs and games. That is MS'S MO. And thats OK.

But as for Sony , If they keep doing what theyve always done, why let it worry you? Let Sony do what they do.

Let MS move from what they couldn't to what they can.

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Fishy Fingers886d ago

They confirmed this ages ago, the bit thats new and more interesting:

"If we are shipping a first-party game on PC it's coming to Steam and our own store"


AngelicIceDiamond886d ago

This is nothing new they've been coming to PC since 2016. Quantum Break was the first game to hit xbox and PC.

RazzerRedux885d ago

His point is the commitment to Steam. That was never stated before.

gamer7804885d ago

Right this is not new in mid 2019 they said the exact same thing about releasing their titles on windows through steam. This is a reiteration if that continued commitment. Hopefully Sony keeps its promise they made as well to release their titles on pc. It will take them longer to release but it will happen.

RazzerRedux885d ago (Edited 885d ago )


"Right this is not new in mid 2019 they said the exact same thing about releasing their titles on windows through steam. "

When did Microsoft ever previously say "If we are shipping a first-party game on PC it's coming to Steam"?

"Hopefully Sony keeps its promise they made as well to release their titles on pc."

There was never any such promise made. Sony said they would "explore" it. That is not a promise of anything.

phoenixwing885d ago

I might actually use their store since i have game pass. getting a discount on it will save me money, although I'm one buggy game away from cancelling game pass altogether. The outer worlds wouldn't work because of some weird glitch and neither would microsoft flight simulator.

thesoftware730885d ago

Works fine for me, it's most likely your hardware.

phoenixwing885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

It's up to date. Don't assume it's my fault the xbox game pass is barely out of beta it's not like it's a super stable thing

TheColbertinator885d ago

I approve of their Steam support 100%

TheScotsman885d ago

And basically makes buying the series x pointless, best get a better 500 pc and stream games

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Bronbron92885d ago

So they’re not exclusives lol

warriorcase885d ago

Microsoft exclusive titles. Windows is a Microsoft OS and platform. So technically he's not wrong unless they say console exclusive.

potatoseal885d ago

LOL. Dude they only have multiplat games. It is known. PC is not their platform. The only way they'll earn a cent from me on PC, is if I choose to buy one of their games or I choose to SUB to Gamepass for a month. AND THAT'S JUST FINE WITH ME hehehehe.

EmperorDalek885d ago

That's... Exactly the point of exclusives in the first place, isn't it? No one makes money off exclusives you don't buy. @potato

DJStotty885d ago


Do you have Windows 10 on your PC? it is the same ecosystem, whether you buy on PC, xbox, Switch, mobile, IOS, it is still a software sale for Microsoft.

And everyone knows, the profit is in the software.

warriorcase884d ago

Not sure why so many cages got rattled by this comment. That is literally how MS brands their exclusives now, as being exclusive to the xbox eco system over console, pc app and cloud.
You don't have to like it by any means but that is how they brand things as their exclusives.

warriorcase884d ago

potatoseal - "LOL. Dude they only have multiplat games. It is known. PC is not their platform."
Correct, but the worlds most used operating system is. I think you've trailed off from the convo the article points out.
Bronbron92 said, "So they’re not exclusives lol", where they are exclusives. Microsoft exclusives specifically.

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agnosticgamer885d ago


But the Windows 10 operating system is their OS... Created and owned by Microsoft... Microsoft is a business company... Do you think they care if you like them if they can get you to play their games on a different device through an OS that they own? No... they don't and better yet subscribe to a Gamepass sub? I don't think they will mind. What are they up to 15 Million subs... It's all about revenue...

Potatoseal said "if I choose to buy one of their games or I choose to SUB to Gamepass for a month. AND THAT'S JUST FINE WITH ME hehehehe."

To be quite honest the quote up there is just fine with Microsoft too. You get to enjoy the games you want to play... Not necessarily tied to a console you don't want. You buy their game or subscribe to GamePass and Microsoft gets money from someone that doesn't own their system and wouldn't have without the support of PC... You have proven what their model has set out to be when they decided to support Win10 PC with all 1p games. Are you blind?

gamer7804885d ago

Microsoft Windows, you are still in their ecosystem and once you are they can entice people to subscribe to gamespass. A gateway drug if you will.

MadLad885d ago

This dumb little talking point is getting old. It's a MS exclusive if it's just for PC and Xbox.
Microsoft has a vested interest in both PC, and their Xbox brand. The important difference being that what can't you play said games on? Sony's Playstation - their direct competition.

Sony is already in the early stages of showing they're interested in the PC market, and that most of their 1st party titles will be coming to the platform after some timed console exclusivity. I guess that means Sony, at some point, won't have any exclusives either, according to your logic. Even more, they're even less important, considering Sony will be making use of Microsoft Windows in order to make them available to the public. :^)

warriorcase884d ago

I don't see Sony every using the microsoft store per say but the titles they choose to publish on PC will go through Steam I would assume. I could see perhaps, maybe, Sony has their own PC app to bypass other stores cuts.

MadLad884d ago


I'd be 100% fine with that.
I love so much of what Sony puts out, but I hate being tied to tech designed to be affordable out of the gate, yet supposed to last the better part of a decade.
Millions of people, including myself, are happy to support your software. Just make it available to us in the way we most enjoy.

No, you're not making that minimal profit on your console sold, but you're seeing millions of more sales via your own storefront, which is 100% revenue in your pocket. Just the Steam sales of HZD covered its development costs.

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the worst885d ago

What 1st party games🤣🤣㈳ 4;😂

MadLad885d ago

The ones coming from 343, Compulsion, Obsidian, inXile, Ninja Theory, Rare, Bethesda, Arkane, Id, the Coalition, Mojang, Turn 10, Double FIne, Playground, The Initiative, Undead Labs, World's Edge, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks; etc.

Microsoft dropped the ball this gen, and their haters got to have a well deserved laugh.
They picked the ball back up, and the result is going to be a lot of quality titles from a lot of quality developers.

MetalProxy885d ago

Right! Now all we have to do is wait?!...till E3? Hum

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