Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Found Out About Latest Delay On Twitter

Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed again. Oddly, that’s not the biggest news of the day.

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NealGamby90d ago

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see anything in that article that proved that Devs only found out about this latest delay via Twitter.

NealGamby90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

EDIT: I had to go to Rupperts twitter to see what she was going on about. She seems to live for ruffling feathers. She even admits that she wishes more people cared about it than just her. Sounds like she needs to get a life. Devs are paid to make a game. They are NOT paid to determine when a game will release. Just because a company decided to shift the release date a few weeks doesn't mean the devs are being abused or under appreciated. She's the definition of "social justice warrior". Sticking head nose where it doesn't belong and getting into everyone else's business to fight their battles. If there is no story, her job at Game Informer would be rendered obsolete.

sushimama90d ago

Sounds like she is trying to find a story where there just isn't one.

bovandy90d ago

I feel like you have a severe deficit when it comes to reading comprehension.

medman89d ago

1. She served this country in the military, and for that alone deserves respect.
2. She's no dummy....she's fairly well educated.
3. You can disagree with a story/opinion without disparaging the author.

NealGamby89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Saying someone likes ruffling feathers and sticking their nose in others business constitutes as “disparaging” someone nowadays? God, everyone has gone soft. Stick to the story and stop simping.

ginganinja89d ago

Your comment is basically an attack on the author as opposed to the story, such as suggesting she needs to get a life. If you don't understand how that is disparaging then I fear for you.
Do you also understand that your comment doesn't 'stick to the story' either ?

Daeloki89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

@medman: Sweetie, take a look at the world we're in, what makes you think serving the US military is worthy of respect?

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Rachel_Alucard90d ago

They stated they don't tell the employees about the delay until they announce it at the same time as everyone else, due to stock regulations.

instantstupor90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Logistically speaking, I'm not even sure how that works. The devs working on the game know how much time is left. They know how much is left to do. So if leadership doesn't announce the delay to the devs, then were the devs laboring under the impression they still had to get everything done by the old launch day? I don't know how you plan to get things done without everyone knowing the timing and deadline for projects.

stupidusername90d ago

There’s several ways that could work. Let’s say the bug testing team found some new major bugs, reported it to the director and then they delayed it.

Rachel_Alucard89d ago

In this event, this was something not related to the dev work going on, but due to manufacturing and shipping. So there's no way they've would've known.


Game development doesnt stop when the game ships... where do you think patches and bug fixes come from?

instantstupor89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

@OCEAN - I'm curious if you meant to reply to someone else?. I didn't mention, or even intimate, that game development stopped when a game shipped.

What I was suggesting was if the day 1 patch had to be ready by Nov 19th previously, that's the date everyone was trying to ensure all their projects were done by - at least the projects they were planning on having in the day 1 patch. So it is clear, in this instance, they were falling behind. So if management didn't tell the devs a delay was happening, then the devs would still be under the impression they were going to have to try to get everything done by the 19th. And how could you properly come up with timeframes for when projects needed to be completed by if the people who are actually working on it don't know when the new deadline is? It seems logistically questionable to leave the people who - have to allocate time to get things done - in the dark on a new deadline.

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AspiringProGenji90d ago

Everyone converts to the church of EA, eventually

Neo11190d ago

So delaying the game and notifying everyone at the same time (including employees) due to publicly traded law is as much a crime as all the bs EA does? I can't even...

AspiringProGenji89d ago

“There will be no more delays”
“Game is gold”

“Just kidding guys. Game has been delayed again“

CantThinkOfAUsername90d ago

Nah, this is just a precaution to prevent insider trading.

Viking_mo90d ago

They've been getting death threats. I really hate the gaming community at times

ClayRules201290d ago

I do as well. It’s really disgusting, the lengths some in the gaming community go with their behavior over things like this. They don’t deserve death threats, it’s just ridiculous and some go to such extremes.

phoenixwing90d ago

those people doing death threats are the epitome of entitled

PS-Gamer-198689d ago (Edited 89d ago )

The type who uses death threats because of a game getting delayed most likely have failed in literally every single aspect in life and only have gaming left as a source of reward and accomplishment.
Sad individuals indeed.

sushimama90d ago

I wish people would just leave them alone. The game will be ready when it's ready. Stop being so impatient.

RebelWAC89d ago

But why, it shows the level of interest for the game, no? The one thing that needs to stop however is the harassments and death threats. That's low life behaviour at best.

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