Has Final Fantasy Lost the Plot?

With the Final Fantasy franchise turning from turn-based role-playing game to all out action. Gareth from Gaming Respawn asks "Has Final Fantasy Lost the Plot?"

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mrsolidsteel2034d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Interesting read, I would say no, they’re just adapting to the times.

Also, I agree with FF 10, that was my least favorite out of the series.

kayoss33d ago

Very interesting. I would say no, because i feel like they expanded the plot even further. If you replayed the original FF7 (which i did several times) you will realized that there are some gaps and plot holes in the the story. I have to say that FF7 remake did a very good job of addressing and explaining some of those plot holes so far. In addition, they did it so that the main story is still focused on Cloud and his original team.
I also like that they included a bigger back story to the side characters and how they shaped cloud in his journey.