Left 4 Dead And Dying Light Team Up Again

Love the pairing and hopefully more to come. Almost exactly a year after the initial Dying Light and Left 4 Dead 2 crossover event, Techland’s homage to the critically acclaimed cooperative first-person shooter is back.

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FlyingFoxy82d ago

Enough of these L4D crossover content DLCs, what's the point of all this when it's obvious Valve doesn't really care much for it. I mean they even passed an update that was made by some community members and managed to screw up the game even more.

They canned a new L4D years ago because they rushed into development on a new engine when Source 2 wasn't even ready, so gave up because it didn't work correctly.

Shame they give out these little things in other games like a little teaser, but do nothing with the main series. It's very obvious to me that a lot more could have been done in terms of content and replayability years ago with L4D, not just right now.

Garethvk82d ago

Remember the original team at Turtle Rock is working on one which is called a spiritual successor to the game.

steven_seagull81d ago

Poor thing. Valve has pushed boundaries time and time again, even pushing boundaries for VR with HL:Alyx while having one of the best engines out there, but you dont care about that, do you ?

FlyingFoxy81d ago

You can act as if Valve can do no wrong all you want, they are no angels, they even screwed over Arkane Studios who were developing a new title based in Ravenholm. Years of work down the drain because Valve pulled the plug for no obvious reason.

So they screw others over, not just themselves.