DualSense PS5 Controller Feels Like The Future Of VR Haptics

We've got our very first early impressions of the new DualSense PS5 controller! We haven't tried it with PSVR yet, but the haptic tech is already exciting.

One of Sony’s most impressive innovations for the PlayStation 5 will likely be one of its least talked about features at first: the way the DualSense PS5 Controller feels in your hands. But I think this could be our first real look at what the future of haptics in VR could hold.

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darthv721354d ago

this, coupled with the new headphones will take VR to a whole 'nother level.

Jin_Sakai1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I’ve heard nothing but huge praise after people getting their hands on with the DualSense. It must be amazing. Can’t wait to try it myself.

gravedigger1354d ago

Read this :

Let me put it this way: there are two next-gen consoles releasing next month, but only one next gen controller. The #DualSense is that good. #PlayStation5


VenomUK1354d ago

Judging by the early feedback it seems Jim Ryan wasn't overstating it when he talked about the next-gen experience of the DualSense on PS5. Hopefully, many developers see what can be achieved in Astro's Playroom and implement support into their own games.

TheProblem1354d ago

There is so much tech and forward thinking packed into PS5 it puts the other consoles to shame

SullysCigar1354d ago

Yeah the headphones are getting good feedback too from a comfort perspective, which is what I needed to hear. As much as I love the sound quality of my Platinums, over extended play sessions they feel like they grip my head a little too much and the band on top gets uncomfortable. From what I've heard, both factors are improved upon with these new ones.

I'd wager they've been developed with PSVR2 in mind, as well, if they have a prototype knocking about in R&D lol

darthv721354d ago

I have only used the headset that came with the PSVR but I have been interested in getting some quality headphones to use with it. The new ones are what I have my eye on lately.

jukins1354d ago

My headphones arriving Friday. I'm still very nervous about how the actual cups actually attach to the headband

Knushwood Butt1354d ago

Yeah, the band on the Platinums used to hurt my head after about 30 mins of use, but recently I noticed it is no longer an issue. So either the rubber or my skull adjusted somehow...

SCW19821353d ago

The band on my platinums hurts after about an hour of use

Knushwood Butt1353d ago


Persevere and it may improve.

It did in my case, but prior to that they were the most uncomfortable headphones I have ever owned, and I have owned more than 10 pairs.

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Elda1354d ago

I'll pick up my extra PS5 controller on pre-order from Gamestop this Friday.

Nodoze1354d ago

Will there be a VR2 that is the question. New Move controllers with haptic would be interesting.

potatoseal1354d ago

The only Next-Gen controller

SullysCigar1354d ago

When people are saying things like, "it's like spring appears under the trigger and then when you do something different, it magically disappears" and "I could close my eyes and still tell what surface I was walking on", it's hard to disagree!

SamTheGamer1354d ago

Can't wait to try my hands on it. Watching all the unboxing videos and articles and I am over excited right now for my bae PS5.