Astro's Playroom PS5 Hands-On Preview: DualSense Is a Fun Evolution - IGN

The “Cooling Springs” level of the PS5 pack-in offers a sense of what PS5’s new controller can do.

Johnathon Dornbrush writes: "One of the most exciting unknowns about the PlayStation 5 is how its next-gen system introduces a surprising revamp of PlayStation’s long-standing controller. The DualSense’s advanced haptics and adaptive triggers are meant to better immerse players in the games the next generation will deliver, but it’s still a question of whether its added tech is a launch gimmick or a more lasting change. Thankfully, Astro’s Playroom is a free pack-in launch game for PS5 meant to showcase what the DualSense can do. And my time with it – I was allowed to preview the Cooling Springs level – certainly hinted at some of the potential for what the new controller can deliver in a surprisingly Nintendo-like way, while also being a joyful PlayStation homage and a fun platformer in its own right."

darthv72947d ago

I love controllers and this one has me giddy with anticipation.

potatoseal947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Can't wait to start using the amazing Dualsense controller. The only next-gen controller around.

lifeisgamesok947d ago

With the PS5 it seems like Sony wanted to innovate with the controller and audio along with providing amazing looking games

The PS5 feels like an all around better improvement over last generation

NEXUS-6947d ago

Not a generational leap! /s

I want my console to be iterative, with small improvements and a robust subscription model. /s

It really is getting some good reviews, and this only the first area/level of Astro.

Can't wait to see more - and hopefully we can see some hands-on with PS5 launch titles before release.

Profchaos947d ago

Yup IGN has a fantastic bias it's seriously rock solid and embarrassing how deep they are in ms pockets

boing1947d ago

DualSense is fantastic. No one will be dissappointed.

SullysCigar947d ago

tbf I could play Astro Bot with an Atari joystick and still grin from ear to ear lol

DualSense looks amazing though and everyone is buzzing about it in these previews, which is definitely a huge positive!

jjb1981947d ago

I can appreciate the added functionality of the peripherals instead of marketing and pushing tErAFLoPZ.

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