Here's How We've Set Up Our PS5s

Ari Notis writes, "Last week, Sony sent units of the much-memed PS5 to several of us at Kotaku. All of these units are the model with the disc drive—the decorously contoured one that some members on staff would love to repurpose as a seat—rather than the flatter, less-expensive, sans-drive model. We can’t tell you yet how it performs, but we can talk about how it looks, how it feels, and how it physically fits into our various spaces."

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darthv7233d ago

huh.... I kind of like the look of it with the disc drive on top.

ziggurcat33d ago

The problem I see with that is forgetting to put the disc in the right side up.

SmokinAces33d ago

Can only go in one of two ways you're guaranteed to get it right fifty percent of the time, lol.

ravinash33d ago

@ SmokinAces - They said that about USB plugs.

TheScotsman33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Guy just setting himself up for failure or to complain how hot his ps5 gets whilst his series x seems to stay so cool. Hmmm and the sheer number of ads ok kotaku makes me realize what a crap site it is, jesus so many

ziggurcat33d ago

"Guy just setting himself up for failure or to complain how hot his ps5 gets whilst his series x seems to stay so cool."

Or how the disc drive scratches discs/doesn't read the disc properly...

gerbintosh33d ago

How else are they supposed to pay these bloggers that pretend to be journalists?

purple10133d ago

I used to like kotaku, but that picture is playing dumb

put the PS5 bottom left corner and the Xbox where the PS5 was and everything would fit.

darthv7233d ago

I believe the reason for that (in the thumbnail pic) is the guy has cats and they like to crawl around in the bigger space where the xbo is currently. And if he put the ps5 there then... you get the idea. Where it is depicted, the cats cant crawl in and on and get their hair on/it.

CrimsonWing6933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

his cat can find another place to crawl around in. You don't rearrange your furniture to a cat's needs... well, at least I don't think you do. It being 2020 I don't know what's acceptable and unacceptable anymore.

Atticus_finch33d ago

Crimson sorry dude but with cats it doesn't work that way.

TheScotsman33d ago

Still no excuse for putting your ps5 in a way it's not designed for, scratched discs ahoy

StoneyYoshi33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Still no reason to lay the system down upsidedown lol. This person is just asking for disc issues. SMDH

That persons excuse for laying it down was due to their cats toppling things over. The fur wasn't part of their concern. So they could easily just swap it with the XB1 and lay it down properly with the stand....

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Highlife33d ago

That's why I will never have a cat and dogs are so much better.

potatoseal33d ago

What kind of lazy idiot would put the PS5 in that top corner and not swap to the bottom left?

darthv7233d ago

if you read the piece you would know. What kind of lazy N4G member just comments without reading the articles.

UnSelf33d ago

ppl are tired of giving kotaku hits.

in all fairness though, it isnt best to comment on something you havent fully read.

Sophisticated_Chap33d ago

The person isn't lazy, in fact, it probably took quite a bit of work to get that in there.

TheScotsman33d ago

@potatoseal a total idiot, and it's upside down duh

DarkZane33d ago

The PS5 is also not on the right side. Disc drive need to be at the bottom left and not on the top right.

boing133d ago

Exactly. He will have to put discs upside down. That's just stupid.

Tacoboto33d ago

In the article, as others who have read it point out, the author mentions his cats. And it's also a test to see just how it'll perform in this improper configuration.

bleedsoe9mm33d ago

look at the size of that compared to the original xbox one, my lord!!!!!

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