PS5 Destruction AllStars Bundle Is Not Delayed, Might Be Substituted With Another Game

Destruction AllStar is one of the launch games that has been delayed from its initial November 12 date to February. It also comes with a launch PS5 bundle.

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no_more_heroes88d ago

Maybe a blessing in disguise for some people, since now they can get $70 to put toward any other launch game they want.

(buy Ratchet and Clank 😉)

toddybad87d ago

I assume sales were poor and they realise they need a high install base to make this kind of multiplayer game work. Hopefully the plan works and it's rocket League for the next gen.

Teflon0287d ago

Think it was lo de actual sales and more it couldn't succeed. It's near impossible for a mo focused launch game to succeed. Warhawk was probably the only one that lived and it was mostly played as the demo as it had pretty much the best stage and no limitations to it other than the stages. If they ever upgraded and rereleased I'd be happy too. But yeah, if it was sales they'd give it in Nov. It definitely didn't sound like the game wasn't finished so the only reason to say Feburary is they're trying to wait for people to actually have the system which is the best bet they could have. Also indicates it by it being available for 2 months

OzzY-waZZy87d ago

Nice! I was pretty annoyed I had to buy this with my bundle. Good move Sony.

moriarty188987d ago

let people pick from a list of other launch titles.

StoneyYoshi87d ago

That would make sense considering those bundles were made by the stores and not by Sony.

RickRoland87d ago

A lot more people about to be playing Sackboy lol. I hope it’s good.

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