3 Changes We Want to See in Injustice 3

KeenGamer: "What can NetherRealm Studios do to improve the game after the success of Injustice 2? This short list explores 3 changes that could further improve the already amazing work of the famous developers. The release of a third installment of the Injustice franchise seems inevitable."

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CorndogBurglar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Less of a focus on Batman characters.

Batman, Robin, Batgirl or Batwoman, and 3 villains is all they need. I say 3 villains because Joker and Harley Quinn won't go anywhere. But Clayface could be really cool.

More focus on other main DC villains. Metallo. Heatwave. Mirror Master. Mongul. Parasite. Despero. Amazo. Larfleez. Ocean Master. All of these guys would be awesome in a fighting game.

37d ago
saphiron37d ago

How about some proper animations? They've got the looks down, but not the movement.