Why Destruction AllStars' Delay & PS Plus Launch Is a Smart Move

Tom writes: "Today, Sony announced that Destruction Allstars would be delayed and moved to PS Plus, which is a smart move that'll help the game succeed.

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potatoseal90d ago

More time to polish the game and then release to the biggest audience possible.

Viking_mo90d ago

Thats not it, the problem is the game is over shadowed by the others. The game looks so fun but that price tag is rediculous

jukins90d ago

Only because we haven't seen but 2 seco do of actual gameplay. I think it just wasn't ready and probably didn't warrant it pricetag. But still this is good. Could be the next rocket league.

That said with the move to f2p I kinda feel part of the delay is sony reconfiguring rhe micro transactions to make this game sustainable.

akurtz89d ago

The high price tag and the recently announced MX was going to really hurt this game. F2p is nice and all but expect more intrusive MX

DeusFever90d ago

Free-to-play is the future of online multiplayer. A new paid game won’t have the numbers to support matchmaking.

SmokinAces89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

This isn't going to be a F2P game though its just being offered for free for a two month window through PS Plus after that if you didn't get it in that time frame you'd have to pay for it. Two months should be plenty of time though for people to download it and potentially bolster the player pool.

S2Killinit90d ago

The more install base the better for this game.

GameBoyColor89d ago

Nobody was going to pay $70 for this game. It's definitely smart to try the rocket league and fall guys approach here. The delay was obvious though because there was literally nothing being shown about this game and ps5 launches in a few weeks.