PS2 Was Released 20 Years Ago and It's Still the Best Selling Video Game Console Ever Made

PS2 hit North America 20 years ago, and it's still the best selling video game console ever made to date.

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GaboonViper35d ago

Greatest game machine ever made, the golden age of gaming, proud to have been at my most hardcore gamer during this time, i still play it today and truth be told enjoy it more then todays games.

Sitdown35d ago

Just out of curiosity, what made it the greatest game machine ever made? Or are you really meaning that it had the best lineup of games?

Minute Man 72135d ago

The forgotten "Truth" 3rd party exclusives.

Sunny_D35d ago

I enjoyed it for the sheer amount of different games that were available. You could find almost anything it seemed. The lack of AA games nowadays is a damn shame.

bouzebbal35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I prefer PS3 honestly.. PS2 was amazing, but was continuation of what was on ps1.
PS3 was the hub of very powerful games, hdd, voice chat, Sony 1st party glory, and motion control done right.
During ps3 gen gaming took another route, and lots of games I would never have considered on ps2.. Heavy Rain, Beyond, FPS, Western RPGs, Bioshock etc...
My best experience was Killzone 2, my first online fps and my best online experience to date.

PS2 was the house of JRPG, but felt like a normal evolution to ps1. Simplistic OS to delete memory card blocs and CD player.

Sitdown34d ago

Thanks for thinking out the box. I asked that question, because if we are talking about hardware, then the PS3 was capable of doing and playing Playstation 2 games as well as 1 and 3, while adding the new controller, better network features, bluray etc.

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Tetsujin34d ago

I'd say the golden age of gaming is SNES vs Genesis. The PS2 does hold special in the idea of me entering the world of online as well as local tournaments.

If I had the opportunity to ever play BC again, the PS2 library would be my go-to.

The BC with the PS1 made the system so much better. As I said earlier though, SNES vs Genesis was where I learned gaming is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life.

isarai35d ago

I heckin love the PS2, i still play it a lot. Just finished Samurai Western, and now i'm starting Urban Reign. Really wish people would go back to not giving a damn about realism and just make snappy fun games to play.

GaboonViper35d ago

Another underrated gem is Shadow of Rome from Capcom, brilliant game.

isarai35d ago

I've heard, but could never track down a copy

P_Bomb35d ago

I have a demo with a big Shadow of Rome sleeve. Got it from a magazine back in the day. Ahh. Gaming mags!

Ratchet7535d ago

Omnimusha ancient Rome style

SullysCigar35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Man, that game was amazing at the time. The dismemberment and blood all over lol

The stealth sections were pretty tough iirc.

CorndogBurglar35d ago

Shadow of Rome was awesome! I loved how you had to throw heads and body parts into the crowd to get them to cheer more for you. Such a fun game.

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ApocalypseShadow35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Urban Reign baby! That Tekken and Soul Calibur team joint venture. Such a fun combat engine that should have lead to a sequel or used in another Bandai Namco fighting game. Or at least some of the characters brought into the Tekken series as unlockable through play.

What I'd like to see is four games updated from PS2: Genji. Such a good looking game with combat timing like with Tsushima. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. Why we don't have an awesome Gits game on PS4 with a deep storyline is anyone's guess. I want to play as Motoko or Batou. Also, Blood Will Tell. A hidden gem of a game.

And, here it comes hit out into left field... Macross PS2. Course, I'd have to import the game like last time if it was ever made as Harmony Gold is such suckers with the Robotech license in the US that a Macross game would never cross the ocean.

Just think, a VR Macross game or even Robotech game that plays as fast as the 3 missions in Ace Combat 7 VR mode. Makes a man salivate from the missile ballot thinking I'm Rick, Max or Roy. Seeing the SDF-1 in VR at full size would be awesome.
Sega and Bandai Namco need to get on it.

isarai35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

DUDE! gits stand alone complex on PS2 is so cool! I thought it would be lazy cash grab garbage but it's actually a pretty unique and interesting game

ApocalypseShadow35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The sad part is that we got First Assault instead. A multiplayer shooter with no story, no heart. I'd take the PS2 one in a heartbeat. Even the PS1 game with the Tachikoma being controlled would have been better over that nonsense that was a GaaS game that bled gamers dry before they took it offline. The suckers that paid for those expensive skins must have been hot when the servers closed.

solideagle35d ago

for me Shadows Hearts 2 was the most underrated gem of a game for PS2

aarallen135d ago

Yours still works? I went through 3 Of them back in the day.

isarai34d ago

I ran a retro/modern game store for 5yrs, repairing consoles/ controllers was my specialty. Most PS2s just need a lense adjustment or cleaning.

SickSinceSix35d ago

Urban Reign 4 player brawls were awesome, now I want to get a new copy to play it again. Still have Fight for NY for 4 player free 4 alls right now though

Timzster35d ago

It was the machine that gave us a lot of classics that are still fondly remembered. An awesome successor system and still talked about to this day. <3

Imalwaysright34d ago

If you liked Samurai Western then I highly suggest that you play Blood Will Tell.

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ArchangelMike35d ago

For me it was Timesplitters, SSX, & Tekken Tag that I picked up with my PS2. I don't think I've had a better launch bundle since.

Timesplitters has to be hands-down one of the best FPS games of all time, it's such a shame that they've been struggling to get the franchise back on it's feet.

My fear is that this remake will arrive a coupe of generations too late, and will just look and feel dated - especially now that next gen consoles are arriving.

solideagle35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

local/splitscreen MP on timesplitters was best...I had 4 controllers and me and my friends used to laugh a lot. some of the guns were really unbalanced

SullysCigar35d ago

Yup, loved Timesplitters and SSX Tricky is a legendary game. I maxed out all characters, all boards, such a feel good game too!

Charlieboy33334d ago

We rather say ' more mature'. Sounds way better 😉

Father__Merrin35d ago

Ps2 was a monster for games but back then my preference was xbox og due to clancy games like splinter cell and ghost recon

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