Microsoft’s Intention of Acquiring ZeniMax to Support Bethesda in Developing “Best Games Ever Built”

Phil Spencer clarifies Microsoft's deal with ZeniMax and Bethesda plans for future development of games.

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Jin_Sakai38d ago

Bethesda? Best games ever built?

Please tell me this article is satire.

potatoseal38d ago

I was going to say something similar. EVERY developer wants to make the best games, few can actually do it.

pedrof9337d ago

You'll say Fallout 76, I'll say Doom.

lifeisgamesok38d ago

Yeah talk is cheap. I'm skeptical

TheProblem37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Phil Spencer is nothing but talk.

Over the last 7 years he hasn’t even supported his own teams making the best games they’ve ever built.

Most of their franchises have declined in quality.

And do we even need to mention halo infinite...

ZeroBlue237d ago

That has been the Xbox MO for years now, all talk, no show. Grand promises than never pan out.

ZeroBlue237d ago

Seems like it, lol. Bethesda was already sinking without MS's thumb on their creative freedom. I expect games made for gamepass with plenty of microtransactions, as a gamer though, I hope I'm proven wrong.

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Futureshark37d ago

Bug free games would be a good start!

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sourOG37d ago

I’m looking forward to the attempt. The elder scrolls clone Avowed(?) is a good start.

RonsonPL37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

So like that the best, the biggest, the most awesome Fallout game?
..which then turned out to be Fallout 76

yeah, I think I'll pass.

Bethesda and Todd lost all the credibility long ago.
But they continue with over the top marketing bullshit.