Battletoads Hits a Million Players

Two months after Battletoads' big launch, the dust is finally starting to settle and our heroes are adapting nicely to life in this gaming generation!

Since their brand new adventure released with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam on August 20, the development team at Dlala Studios and Rare have been keeping a close eye on responses to the game. It's been wonderful to see the positive reception from so many players and journalists, celebrating how the game stays true to form in its multi-genre, couch co-op nature, all wrapped up in that Saturday morning cartoon styling.

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BillyBrain38d ago

Not at all. Players ≠ Sales. The real question is whether or not they've even made back their development costs, since 99% of the players are probably on GamePass.

roadkillers38d ago

Microsofts pushing gamepass. They have enough money to lose a ton on Gamepass games. In the long run and enough player adoption, they are going to be okay.

NeoGamer23238d ago

I am not sure MS really cares how many copies the game sells with GamePass. That may be important to you.

Bigman4k38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Stop hating on Microsoft i get so tired of seeing so many negative comments towards Xbox on here

Loktai38d ago


The majority of gamers are not xbox guys... given the constant attacks especially bizarre accusations made by xbox fans about the PS5 over the last 6 months you have a major case of karma going around.

RememberThe35738d ago

Well we've learned that a stream ain't worth a damn so just from inference this game won't pay for itself. But like was said above, MS is focusing on getting their subscribers up. A cheap ass game like Battletoads doing well is showing them what their subscribers really want. I didn't think Battletoads was what Xbox gamers were thirsting for but hey, at least they're having fun.

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TheRealTedCruz38d ago

Not trying to blow your mind here, but people pay for Gamepass.
The more quality content added to the service, the more people subscribe to it, and the more the subscription retains subscribers.
The more people use the service, the more money Microsoft makes, the more they can justify funding internal game development, thus everyone involved benefit, even if it's not through direct sales.

I call that success.
Just my opinion.

InUrFoxHole38d ago

Pro tip: Ignore them. Troll them from time to time. Under no circumstance, take them seriously. N4G won't change man. Just appreciate when you run into the rare non meat head.

Rachel_Alucard38d ago


Yeah just let them keep screwing up and let it go complacent with people. Totally won't harm anyone right?

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Hellcat202038d ago

I played it through gamepass and didn't care to finish it after the horrible motorcycle on rails section
Godawful game

Ready4nxtgen38d ago

This is not battletoads. Gameplay was really cheesy and the combat was boring amd not challenging. Not.impressed

saint_seya38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I didnt like it, didnt bother to play it. Didnt feel like the old ones (well idk if is in part my fault too, since i played the others when i was a kid, now im 38). Still i think it could have been better, but then again, maybe is good for others, and i can understand that.

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